Aloha Hawaii! Best Places for a Fun Vacation With Your Kids

Hawaii Vacation With Kids
A strategically located paradise in the Pacific ocean west of America, Hawaii is one of the most famous places known for its natural beauty. This article gives information on the ways to make a trip to Hawaii an enjoyable and memorable experience with family and kids.
The islands of Hawaii have been a popular vacation destination for over 50 years. This island state of America is blessed with breathtaking beauty, tropical climate, and warm people. With numerous places of interest that cater to people of all age groups, this place cannot be solely described as a destination meant for romantic getaways. It is undoubtedly a great destination for a family vacation. It's a place surrounded with fun spots with a promising attraction for everyone. This place is a cluster of islands surrounded by water on all sides. The topographical design of this place opens doors to a variety of adventures. The beaches are spectacular in every way with its affable culture making it an abundantly exciting place for kids to be gleeful at every turn. There are quite a number of places specifically dedicated to the clamor of kids.
Things to Do in Hawaii With Your Kids
Various resorts and hotels offer Hawaiian family vacation packages, which organize kids camps that cater to the needs of older children, and the very young ones. Certified childcare attendants take the children swimming and also play games on the beach, or teach them to make garlands or leis or other crafts.
Waikiki Beach
Waikiki Beach, known the world over as one of the best beaches, is usually crowded. But it is a great area for surfboarding, surfing, snorkeling, sun tanning, and sand castle building. A trip to Hawaii would be incomplete without a trip to this beach.
Sea Life Park
A world-class marine attraction, Sea Life Park is situated about 15 miles from Waikiki on Oahu's beautiful and scenic Makapuu Point. The park boasts of a 300,000-gallon aquarium that houses sea lions, dolphins, turtles sharks, stingrays, and other marine mammals. They also offer a variety of entertaining and informative attractions such as singing sea lions, dancing dolphins and performing penguins. Some other attractions that the kids may enjoy are the Sea Lion Feeding Pool, Turtle Lagoon, Bird Sanctuary, Pirate's Lagoon, and Hawaiian Reef Exhibit. There are interactive programs for snorkeling by the stingray's side. Swimming with dolphins is a huge hit amongst the tourists.
Atlantis Submarine
One of the most popular and must-see places on your vacation is the Atlantic Submarine. This adventure takes the tourist on a 45 minutes underwater tour of the marine life situated 100 feet below the surface of the reef in Waikiki. The submarine gives the tourist a glimpse of sea turtles, countless fish, other sea creatures, submarines, sunken shipwrecks, and coral reefs. The submarine has large view ports which is fully air-conditioned and comfortably seats 64-passengers.
Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park
This water park provides many adventures and fun rides, six stories down speed slides mega wave pool, inner tube rides on 2 to 4 foot waves, free-fall, also a tube cruise down an 800-foot long river. There are interactive playground filled with water cannons, multi-level activity, waterfalls, pool with seven family slides and other water attractions.
Polynesian Culture Center
Located about an hour's drive from Waikiki, the Polynesian Culture Center is an open-air park, consisting of seven native villages spread over an area of 42 acres. This park is designed to introduce a visitor to the Hawaiian and other South Pacific cultures. Natives living in the park will demonstrate the dances with fire, the art of making jewelry from plants, and bare-foot climbing of 50 feet trees. The natives also demonstrate native arts and crafts like carving tiki statues, canoe reenactment of war dances and wedding ceremonies. An authentic luau and a Polynesian night show are some of the attractions enjoyed by visitors and tourists alike.
According to state government estimate, in 2003 alone, there were over 6.4 million visitors to the Hawaiian Islands, with expenditures of over $10 billion. Due to the mild year-round weather, tourist travel to this place is popular and a preferred destination throughout the year. Major holidays and the summer months are the most popular times for a vacation.
Hawaiian Wooden idols