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Hennepin County - One of the Best Places to Visit in Minnesota

Sourabh Gupta Oct 3, 2019
Hennepin County is located in Minnesota state of the US and named after a 17th century French explorer Louis Hennepin. Here is an elaboration on various aspects of this county.
Hennepin County was founded on March 6, 1852 by Minnesota Territorial Legislature and named after a French missionary, author, and explorer, Father Louis Hennepin. The county was named after him as he was the first to give the name St. Anthony Falls, the only major natural waterfall on the upper Mississippi river.
He was also a pioneer in exploring the area, recording some early topographical accounts of the county for the western world.

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Minneapolis and St. Anthony are two cities that are closely linked to Hennepin's early accounts. This county is governed by an elected board of commissioners which in turn elects a chairman who presides over the meetings.
According to the records of the US Census Bureau in 2017, the county's racial distribution consisted 74.6% whites, 13.4% African Americans, 7.6% Asians, 1.1% Native Americans, 0.1% Pacific Islanders, 1.1% Alaskan Natives, and 3.2% of other races. The population consists of Latinos, Germans, Norwegians, Irish, and Swedish ancestry.
It is Minnesota's most populous county. According to 2017 estimates, the total population was 1,252,024  and per capita income was as high as 39,939 dollars, making it one of the wealthiest counties in the state of Minnesota.

Major Cities

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The two cities of Minneapolis and Bloomington are the major economic centers of this county. However, cities like Plymouth, Richfield, Maple Grove, and Eden Prairie are also important business centers. A few of the major cities and their attractions are given next.

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The largest city in the state of Minnesota, lies on the banks of river Mississippi. With around 13 lakes and wetlands, the city has abundant water and is known for its water recreation parks. Therefore, it's rightly named as 'City of Lakes'.
It was once called the world's flour milling capital, earning it a nickname, 'Mill City'. The Mill City Museum which is located within the ruins of the 'Washburn A Mill', accounts for history of the flour milling industry. The city is also one of the most literate cities in the United States.


It is located on the banks of river Minnesota which is a tributary of Mississippi. This city is considered as a bedroom community and has more jobs than any other city in the state. It has many Fortune 500 companies, some of which are Ceridian, Donaldson Company Inc., Toro, etc.
It is home to 'The Mall of America', which is one of the largest enclosed shopping center in the US. It also has leading hospitality and retail chains which attract many corporate biggies.


In 2008, the city of Plymouth was ranked at the top of Money magazine's 'America's Best Places to Live'. It was because of the fact that the city has world-class residential areas, industries, parks, schools, and other essential aspects to make it a self contained city. It is known for its academic excellence with many good educational institutes in it.

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Hennepin County is one of the best places to visit in the state of Minnesota which has a rich history and great cities.