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Travel Diary: Interesting and Enjoyable Things to Do While in Idaho

Parashar Joshi Nov 30, 2019
Tucked away in a corner of the US, the state of Idaho is famous for ski resorts, state parks, Hell's canyon, etc. Here is a quick guide on the things to do in Idaho.

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The north-western state of Idaho, fondly referred to as the Gem State, is truly a tourist's paradise. Blessed with a great deal of geographical diversity, it offers something for every traveler.

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Along with a predominantly mountainous terrain, it also has vast expanses of green pastures, forests, and farmland. It has some of the cleanest rivers and freshwater lakes, and is considered to be one of the least polluted states in the U.S.

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Idaho is a state that is well in tune with modern times and yet at the same time, has successfully managed to retain its age-old traditional culture. A good example being the quaint little small towns that dot the landscape between numerous well-developed urban cities.
Well-developed roads and smooth speedways make the idea of a family road trip through the heart of this state very appealing. In fact, if a short four-day getaway is what you have in mind, then you should just buckle up, sit back, and let the natural beauty take you away on a journey of discovery.
Thrill-seekers will love the fact that there are plenty of things to do as far as adventure sports is concerned. Families, honeymooners, spring break vacationers, college groups, etc., would thoroughly enjoy the wide variety of attractions on offer. Here are some of the most popular tourist attractions.

Ski Resorts

Idaho outscores every other American state when it comes to skiing and other snow sports. Magnificent snow-capped peaks along with a long list of ski slopes and snowboarding resorts ensure that these high-energy winter sports are not relegated to just the winter.
The Sun Valley resort, along with the Brundage, Schweitzer, Silver Mountain, and Basin Mountain resorts, are some of the most popular ski resorts.

Balanced Rock

A definite must-see, the 'Balanced Rock' is a 15,000 years old geological wonder.
It is located in the vicinity of the Twin Falls and is an odd-shaped rock structure consisting of a 40 ton, 50 ft solid rock that stands balanced upon a midget-sized rock pedestal. It has been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records and it attracts many visitors on a daily basis.

Potato Museum

As amusing as it sounds, the potato museum is a famous landmark. The museum provides detailed information on the process of potato production, growing, harvesting, exports, etc. There is a lot of educational material and trivia on display that could be of interest to kids and teenagers.

Hell's Canyon

Very few people know that Hell's Canyon is the deepest canyon in the US. Characterized by dusty landscapes, jagged rock edges, and the Snake river flowing below, Hell's Canyon is a haven for kayaking and whitewater rafting.

State Parks

Blessed with abundant natural resources, this state houses a large number of state parks, wildlife parks, botanical gardens, etc. Visitors can enjoy through nature trails, hiking expeditions, camping trips, wildlife safaris, hot air balloon rides, etc.
Quite a few of these parks are situated alongside crystal clear lakes and rivers. Tourists can indulge in fishing, rowing, boating, canoeing, and a host of other water sports.
In addition to the mentioned places, there are plenty of amusement parks, art centers, natural hot water springs, and wineries all over Idaho that cater to the people of all ages and interests.