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Interesting Things to Do in Boise

Prerana Jamdarkhana Jul 2, 2019
Boise, capital city of state Idaho, is making heads turn for it’s thriving nightlife, city culture, historic museums and more. Be it summer, winter or spring, Boise has exciting things to do all-year-round.

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Boise - City of Trees

Boise Art Museum

The museum takes you to a world of it’s own when you walk-in. Ceramic, textiles, ironwork, a wall of painted donuts and other unique exhibitions are held along with art workshops and lessons for children.

Idaho State Museum

From geological background to prominent people of the state who impacted Idaho’s history, this museum walks you through the journey of state Idaho.

Idaho Human Rights Memorial

Recognized as “Site of Conscience”, memorial is an ode to Anne Frank. The memorial represents power of kindness and compassion with quotes written all over the place.

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Idaho State Capitol Building

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Intricately designed and incredibly beautiful, Idaho State Capitol is a building of law, justice and authority. Visitors are welcome to explore the capitol, scheduling the tour minimum two weeks before the chosen date.

Idaho Black History Museum

The museum is dedicated to the story of African-Americans in United States. ‘From Slave to President’ is a major art piece, dedicated to Barack Obama.

City Depot

Nearly 90-year old, operated by Boise Parks and Recreation Department, Depot with Platt Gardens is a setting for public gatherings in Boise.

Old Idaho Penitentiary

The old prison is open for visitors to know about Idaho’s dark and thrilling criminal scandals and escapes. You can also experience prison cells, gallows and solitary confinements.

Outdoor Activities and Events in Boise

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Boise River Greenbelt

The river stretches through the city, engrossing people in scenic views and mesmerising habitat. The 25-mile Greenbelt is a transport route and a perfect pedestrian to hike.

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Bogus Basin Mountain Resort

A great place for summer and winter alike. Winter activities include skiing, skate shoe, snowboarding etc. Mountain biking, mountain coaster, hiking, are conducted in summer.

Love for Golf

Banks of river Boise offer comfort of shade and joy of golf for golfers out there. Boise visitors can also enjoy volleyball, soccer, disc golf course, surfing, kayaking, rafting in stadium and parks.

Zoo, Pool and Parks

A family picnic, a stroll in zoo or a breezy noon in pool, Boise parks have all the options available for visitors.