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Interesting Things to Do in Poconos, Pennsylvania

A far stretched playground all round the year, Pocono mountains have a lot in store for everyone.
Prerana Jamdarkhana Aug 2, 2019

Soak in Bushkill Falls

Known as “Niagara of Pennsylvania”, a series of eight waterfalls, it is a major attraction at Pocono.
Bridge along the waterfall gives way to scenic views while hiking around.

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Tour the Forested Peaks

Come home to the colorful world of 127 indigenous species of trees, plants and shrubs that thrive during autumn at Pocono mountains, offering hiking trails, camping spots, horse-back tour, etc.

Delaware Water Gap

This river valley contains streams, waterfalls, geologic features and diversified plants and wildlife.

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Water Gap offers popular activities including canoeing, fishing, rafting, hiking and camping.

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Winter Adventure

Plan your trip in winter to enjoy the snow-covered mountains in Delaware, Tannersville, Pocono Township and other places at Pocono. Many resorts provide rented ski, snow boarding gear and equipment.

Water Parks

A plethora of recreational activities, Pocono mountains purvey many water activities ranging from crazy water rides, kids-friendly games to fun filled family water activities.

Adventure Parks

Soar above trees from elevated bridge ways from one tree to the next or swing your way on log steps, adventure never comes short at Pocono.

Rope and Zip Lines

Rope ladders, rope sky bridges, swingers nets and zip-lines at the mountains will put your balancing skill to test.

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Theaters and concerts

How about a live theater and music at night to relax at Pocono mountains? Can’t say no to that!