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9 Majestic Beaches of the Geologically Oldest Kauai Island

Kashmira Lad Sep 30, 2019
Kauai is one of the oldest islands that form a part of the Hawaiian chain. No wonder you can find some amazingly breathtakingly beautiful beaches here. This post gives you more information on some of the more famous beaches of Kauai.
Only ardent lovers of the beach would understand the joy and ecstasy that is felt when you feel your feet sinking into the sand, with the light spray of azure water falling gently on your face. Miles and miles of golden sand, the roaring waves, the beautiful horizon, and the wind rushing through your hair are just a few reasons to love being at the beach.

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The peace and tranquility that is felt out here can definitely not be compared to anything else in this world. Whatever the reason, genuine lovers of the golden sands would always be in pursuit of the most beautiful and serene beaches one can find around the world, and for such people the beaches of Kauai are a godsend.
These are among the most gorgeous and picturesque beaches ever; with each having its own uniqueness. Some of them offer an adventurous kind of fun, whereas the others, with their own resorts and gorgeous villas, tend to spoil you in full style.
These vacations can therefore, promise you completely fun-filled holidays that would surely leave you asking for more. Kauai forms a part of the oldest, and is also the largest of the Hawaiian Islands. Such is the beauty of the islands, that it has witnessed the shooting of more than 70 Hollywood movies and many television shows as well.

Popular Beaches of Kauai Island

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Ke'e Beach

This is a major attraction for those who wish to have a great time in the water, such as snorkeling and swimming, and activities such as hiking as well. The Ke'e beach is located at the foot of the Na Pali coast trail. A reef helps to protect one area of this beach.
When the tide is low, it becomes an ideal place to snorkel, and is safe for children if they want to relax in the water. The beautiful turtles and the wide species of fish seen here is what make this a great place to snorkel. A word of warning though, do not touch the turtles for you may infect it or get infected with any kind of a disease.
Even avoid standing on the coral reefs because corals can be destroyed easily as they are fragile in nature. Besides, no matter how good you are as a swimmer, exercise caution when you do so, as you could never know the strength of the tide that can wash you away on the treacherous rocks.

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Anini Beach

It is located on the Northern shore of Kauai. This is one of the few beaches that can be considered to be relatively safe, though it does have strong currents.
It proves to be an excellent spot for water sports such as windsurfing, and is even good for swimming as well. It also has a long reef that runs across the entire beach. The Anini beach also offers breathtaking views of coral reefs, and is also famous for its rather luxurious homes that decorate the coastline.

Hannalei Beach

It has pristine white sand, and the beauty of this place can be seen in the early morning hours when the still waters resemble a sheet of glass. This beach is also very popular for activities such as surfing, kite surfing, boogie boarding, and wind surfing in the winter season.

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Maha'ulepu Beach

Located on the South shore of the Kauai Island, this beach is considered to be ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. The petroglyphs form one of the major attractions. This beach has relatively calm waters, which is a result of a protective reef in this area.

Shipwreck Beach

It was one of the most well-hidden beaches at one time. Due to the resorts and villas that are now seen here, one may not really find it to be an isolated spot anymore. This beautiful beach is dotted with rocks and offers breathtaking views of the sea.

Kalapaki Beach

This place is ideal for water sports. You can relax and have a splash in the water with a sunbath. This beach is crescent shaped and has beautiful white sand, although it may not be good for snorkeling because it lacks a wide variety of fish.

Prince Kuhio Beach

It is located right on the road named Lawai, and the beach itself is narrow and small as compared to the other Kauai beaches. It has a narrow shoreline, which is lined with slippery rocks. This spot is most preferred by many for snorkeling, and one must always be careful to avoid stepping on the reefs so that they do not face any damage.

Kekaha Beach

A trip to Kekaha beach is definitely worth it because of the spectacular sunsets and the exotic locales. This long sandy beach is fabulous for sunbathing, but avoid venturing too deep into the water for a swim.
This is because of the strong currents and the waves that break upon the reefs are really strong in nature and can pull one into the ocean.

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Lydgate Beach

This is one of the few beaches that has the presence of a lifeguard. Good facilities and a picnic area make it a popular spot for many. The calm conditions also make people frequent this place.
It has ample facilities that can help families to spend an entire day out here, since there is a Kamalani playground right across the Lydgate State Park.
Beautiful beaches can draw me towards them anytime of the year. We hope you have a fantastic time at these Kauai beaches, whenever you do manage to go there! One important thing to note―do not forget your suntan lotion.