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Kentucky Tourism

Here's Why Tourists Should Not Miss a Vacation to Kentucky

Nicknamed as the 'bluegrass state' due to the presence of bluegrass in many parts of it, Kentucky is known for its diverse resources and environment. Find information about its lakes, state parks, horse parks, etc., further.
Parun Pereira
Last Updated: Mar 11, 2019
Known for its thoroughbred horses, distilleries, and strains of bluegrass music, Kentucky is also recognized for its vast expanse of greenery and streams. The exquisite places and serene neighborhoods make this state one of the most visited places in the southern part of the US.
Louisville, Kentucky Skyline at Night
It includes some of the longest cave systems and is the most productive state in terms of coal mining. The beautiful lakes, rivers, festive atmosphere, and historic sites contribute in a big way towards the tourism in this state.
State Parks
Stairway To Heaven Natural Bridge State Park In Kentucky
The state parks in Kentucky are a major attraction for tourists. Miles of green pastures, encompassed with a vast array of caves and shorelines bordering the majestic mountains are a visual treat. These parks offer a wide variety of amenities.
The plush log cabins are a nostalgic way to get close to the nature. You can enjoy paddle boat and canoe rides in the sparkling rivers and lakes, and also various fly and bass fishing activities. You can fulfill your appetite by visiting themed restaurants at resort parks, and savor local delicacies as crab, salmon, and a variety of Kentucky brown breads.
A great way to explore the lush green surroundings is to take a ride on horseback. You can also swim in the beautiful lakes, in the sea, or use the indoor swimming pools for a host of activities.
Summer view of a lake with sailboats
The beautiful Kentucky Lake offers a large variety of activities. This man-made marvel spread over 2,064 miles of shoreline has a breathtaking scenery. A great way to get away from the daily hustle-bustle of our lives, this lake is a perfect way to enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature.
The resorts offer a complete range of recreational activities such as jet skiing, fishing, boating, and playing golf and tennis. You can snuggle up in a tent and camp in the various campsites this lake offers. If you're an avid traveler, it provides campgrounds for motor homes.
Horse Park
Two horses grazing
Located in Lexington, Kentucky Horse Park is a horse farm, very popular with the tourists. Twice a day, this park exhibits a variety of rare horses from all over the world in the 'Parade of Breeds'. Authentic costumes adorn the horses that are ridden in the parade.
Some of the greatest race horses have found refuge in this park post retirement. Apart from thoroughbreds, standardbred horses also form a formidable part of this park. This educational theme park is very popular with horse lovers.
The Kentucky Center
The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts
A major attraction with tourists, the Kentucky Center for Performing Arts in Louisville consists of three performing areas, the largest being Robert S. Whitney Hall which has a seating capacity of 2,406.
Celebrities and artists who have used it include Jim Carey, Gregory Peck, Philip Glass, and James Taylor. It organizes various programs such as drama, creative writing, dance, visual arts, and music throughout the year for children and adults.
Apart from the mentioned places, Kentucky has variety of entertainment for its tourists. The pristine waters and lush surroundings along with a multitude of eateries entice the weary traveler to keep coming back for more.