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Lake Tahoe Recreation and Vacations

Kashmira Lad Mar 12, 2019
Cool and clear water with beautiful surroundings; Lake Tahoe has all this and much more in store. Here's a look at the various kinds of recreation facilities and how to make the most of your vacation at this mesmerizing place.
The United States has many interesting and gorgeous locales that sure would make you want to take a break more than often. One such place worth a mention is Lake Tahoe. This beautiful freshwater lake is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and has a depth of about 514 m. Tourists can have a fun time with various activities in store.
Besides, one can find a great number of rental lodges and cabins, along with some suave ski resorts for a very comfortable stay. Vacations here mean a whole lot of fun, and if this locale is on your list, check out some of things you can do.

Things to Do in Lake Tahoe

Ski resorts in Lake Tahoe are buzzing with activity during the winter. When it's the time for skiing, people come to this place in thousands, as the slopes are amongst the best in the world. One such place worth to visit is the Heavenly Mountain Resort, which attracts loads of tourists every year.
This resort is the highest resort located out here. Heavenly Mountain resort has state-of-the-art facilities for all skiing enthusiasts. Apart from this ski resort, there is the Squaw Valley, which is the second-largest resort. Thus, ski resorts are plenty, and provide good facilities for sport lovers.
Water sports is yet another major attraction for tourists from all over. Lake Tahoe proves to be an apt location for trying out various water sports. Boating, therefore, remains to be the most popular option and is a means of recreation as well.
Besides, the place is dotted with some of the best restaurants seen in this area. It also has loads of water sports activities, such as sailboat racing and cruises over the lake.
Apart from this, the surrounding areas prove to be inviting for all lovers of the outdoors. Tourists can have a fun time hiking in the mountains or biking amongst the trails. The most popular of all trails is the Eagle Lake Trailhead.
The beautiful Lake Tahoe is also an attractive hotspot for those interested in fine dining. Some of the best and finest restaurants, that offer the most sumptuous food, are located out here to woo the foodies.
Besides, one can even have a fun time gambling. The very famous Cal-Neva lodge and casino was part owned by Frank Sinatra. Apart from this, Harvey's Lake Tahoe is a very popular and famous resort, which includes a casino as well.
The place also hosts a lot of events throughout the year. The Tahoe Shakespeare festival takes place during July through August. This festival is hosted in an open-air venue and the beautiful ambiance draws loads of visitors.
Apart from this activity, events such as the Lake Tahoe Art Festival, which showcases Italian paintings, or the Lake Tahoe Music Festival, which includes performances by various artists, are very popular.
Recreation time can be planned in various ways. From shopping to sightseeing, and skiing to biking, this place has it all. It is ideal for an outdoor enthusiast, and even for those who love to pamper themselves. Vacations at Lake Tahoe would always leave you asking for more.