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Lehman Caves: A Must on Your List of Cave Tours!

Swarali Jambhale May 2, 2019
Found within the Great Basin National Park and the discovery of Absalom S. Lehman, these caves are an endless assemblage of stalactites, stalagmites and helictites you will regret missing out on!
Slow working water being the sculptor of Lehman Caves, this cavern is dated back to almost 600 million years!
It is a solution cave, i.e it has formed in a rock that has dissolved in acidic waters!
Famous for its rarities such as parachute-like cave shields, cave popcorn that adorn the cave walls, Lehman Caves is one of the most lavishly decorated limestone caves in the United States!
Before becoming a great sensation, this discovery was negatively linked to a man with a blue beard who would bring dreadful consequences to anyone who entered the cave!
Evidences show that the cave was used as a burial place by prehistoric Native Americans! Also recently, small creatures have been found in the cave that have, so far, been found nowhere on the earth!
The Lehman cave tour is 60 minutes and 90 minutes long - covering a distance of 0.6 and 0.4 miles respectively with a humid wave of 50 degrees F inside the cave.
This cavern, houses many interconnected “rooms” like The Grand Palace (167 feet), Lodge Room (151 feet), Music Room (125 feet), Inscription Room (194 feet), Gothic Palace (93.5 feet), Cypress Swamp (167 feet) and Talus Room being the biggest of all - 376 feet!
With long passageways of 2 miles, either of the cave tour consists of a staircase with 70 stairs encountered on the way making the cave the longest known cave in the State of Nevada.


Cave tours often sell out in the summers and are open year-round except for the Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and the New Year’s Day.