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Live Your Dream by Doing These Things in Jupiter, Florida

Experience these exhilarating things in Jupiter, the northernmost town of Palm Beach County, Florida.
Blessed Sam May 15, 2019

Pack your bags!!!

Wish to take a break from your busy schedule? Take this chance and fly to Jupiter to experience awesomeness in full. Here is a free guide to help you get the best out of your trip and make it worthwhile.

The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse

This historic place is sure to kick-start your excitement-filled day. Get up there early to enjoy the beautiful view of sunrise. The view of Palm Beach County from the top along with the chilling breeze from the sea is sure to give you an ecstatic feeling.

Kayaking on Loxahatchee River

One must not miss out this activity while on a visit to Jupiter. Kayak through one of the oldest and the wildest rivers in the U.S. and experience bliss while gazing at the lovely, calm, and undisturbed forest. This adventurous paddling about 8.5 miles downstream is real fun. Go ahead and burn some calories.

Loggerhead Marine Life Center

Don't forget to meet up with these lovely loggerheads. It is highly satisfying to watch them move around their aquariums. You can also adopt a loggerhead if you are interested after consulting with the authorities. So grab the opportunity to visit these cute little ninja turtles.

Juno Beach Park

Take a stroll on one of the loveliest beaches on Earth with four-legged loggerhead friends. The breeze from the sea is sure to uplift your spirits. The place itself is like a classic town with ice-cream, pizza, surf shops, etc. One can also enjoy the beautiful view of sunset. A moment spent here will always be cherished.

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is more like a rehabilitation center for animals, where the injured animals are brought in and taken care of before being taken back to the wild. It's not a large sanctuary but good enough to walk around and observe the animals. One gets to see all kinds of animals ranging from panther, fox, and crocodiles to ducks, raccoons, and squirrels.
Enjoying all these things in Jupiter is sure to give one a dream-like experience, which can be deeply carved into one's memory and cherished forever. So set aside some time to visit this lovely place.