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Mini Vacations in California

Shashank Nakate Sep 9, 2019
The state of California is known for beaches, theme parks and many other places for tourists to visit. Important tourist destinations suitable for mini vacations in California are listed next.
California is a state which offers a lot for tourists and one can think about planning a mini vacation. There are many places especially suited for one or two day trips. Planning for mini vacations in California therefore, becomes easier.
Theme parks, safaris and many such places makes California one of the best places for tourists to have a good time. If you are thinking about spending quality time with your family, however, cannot find time for long holidays, California offers some of the best spots.

Ideas for a Mini Vacation in California

If we think about California, Disneyland Park is the one name which quickly pops up in our mind. However, there are many places worth visiting in this state.

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Balboa Island

It is a part of Newport Beach in California. This place offers a lot of water activities and one should have a great time here. The Marine avenue is considered to be good for shopping. This part of the Balboa island has shops that mainly sell gift articles.
You can also find good restaurants and galleries on Marine avenue. There are many events and festivals celebrated in the part of the world throughout the year. It is also one of the best places for couples in California.

Disneyland Park

It is one of the top weekend gateways in California; visiting this place is one of the best vacation ideas for families. The Disneyland Park is considered to be good for those who are traveling with family. Children can enjoy the different rides in this park and have a good time. This park is divided into many sections each with a separate theme.
The Mickey's Toontown is full of sculptures and architectural works, the Gadget Go Coaster ride are one of the main attractions. Main Street U.S.A is one of the important parts of Disneyland Park. It is also the entry point to other sections in the Disneyland Park.
The place worth visiting in Main Street U.S.A. is the Emporium. Children love this place as they collect memorabilia and other toys associated with Disney characters.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

It is a theme park located in Los Angeles, California. Six Flags Mountain is amongst the best theme parks in USA and offers special rides for families and kids. Different thrill rides offered by this theme park are as follows: Superman the Escape, Batman the Ride Riddler's Revenge and Goliath.
The Choral Magic festival of this theme park is quite popular. This Musical Choir festival is meant for school students. Along with the Musical Choir festival there are some other events like Maths & Science Day which test your mathematics skills.
If you are interested in shopping, it is advisable to visit places like Coaster Candy Company, Canyon Blaster Photos, Cartoon Candy Kitchen, etc. One of the best mini vacation destinations in California, the Six Flags Magic Mountain offers the tourists with lots of enjoyment.

Safari West

The park is spread over an area of 400 acres and located in Santa Rosa. One can find different wild animals from Africa in the 'Safari West'. Allowing the wild animals to live in their natural habitat and thereby preserving them is the thought behind setting up this park.
Tourists can take a tour in this park in open air vehicles; guides provide the visitors with information about the animals. The park can be visited in any season you prefer. Even if it rains, the facilities like rain gear do not dampen the enjoyment of a safari ride.
You can be a part of safari tours only by means of prior reservation. It is not allowed to take food stuffs on safari tours. However, you are free to carry water bottles.

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The different places for mini vacations described are popular and perfectly suited for spending a quality time with your loved ones. In today's fast-paced life, it becomes necessary to take occasional breaks in order to unwind. Mentioned places are exactly suited for such mini vacations.