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Mississippi River Boat Cruises

Priya Johnson Sep 27, 2018
A Mississippi river cruise takes passengers on a relaxing voyage across the majestic Mississippi river on a paddle-wheeled steamboat. Along with enjoying the scenic beauty of the river, passengers have various activities in store for them on the cruise trip.
Mississippi river, the second longest river in the United States of America, was named so by the Indians, who once dwelled on its shores. They named it 'Big River' or 'Messipi', and today this river has etched its way into the heart of American history. Cruising this 2,320 miles long river is a wonderful way to experience the river's culture firsthand.
Cruises down the Mississippi river, enable tourists to get a glimpse of America's great heritage, via visits to charming and historical ports of call. Tourists are boarded onto elegant, paddle-wheel steam boats, and treated with Victorian charm, lively entertainment, and outstanding service from the American crew.

About Mississippi River Cruises

A Mississippi river cruise is ideal for people desiring to learn more of America's history, at the same time enjoy local music, and regional cuisine on a historic steamboat. Traditional paddle-wheeled steam boats featuring authentic Victorian d├ęcor, take tourists on a memorable journey during their cruise vacation.

Cruise Length

Various cruise companies dole out several tour offers comprising different packages. One can either choose a one hour cruise or even a 3-12 nights Mississippi river cruise. The length of the cruise, will depend on the number of ports of call.
Since the entire river system envelopes over 50 rivers and tributaries, tourists are given the opportunity to explore quite a bit of the American Midwest on the voyage. The pace of these river cruises are not like the fast-moving ocean-going vessels, instead is only six miles per hour, thereby enabling passengers to absorb the river's beauty.
Special cruises such as Valentine's day cruises and Christmas cruises, with exciting firework display are also offered. The rates vary accordingly.

Best Time

These cruises are available all the year round, however, the itineraries may vary widely. During the winter months more northerly routes are not available. Moreover, during the summer, the river basin is quite warm, thus, people sensitive to heat and humidity should avoid cruising during that time.
Since, most of the river boat cruises host fewer than 500 passengers per cruise trip, the tickets are sold off well in advance. Thus, people interested should plan and book accordingly.

Cruise Destinations

As the Mississippi river runs through different states, cruises down Mississippi river allow tourists to unravel American history and experience the river's culture. The waterway passes through various swamps, dams, rapids, and glacial lakes.
The different states offering these cruises are Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Texas. The best part about Mississippi river cruises is that, tourists can choose specific parts of the waterway that they wish to explore.


Eagle watching, is something that is very popular, especially during the months from January to April, when eagle watching is at its prime. Nature lovers will enjoy watching the wondrous sights featured along the majestic river.
Fishing is another excellent option. People can bring their own poles, or can rent one on-board the vessel. Moreover, tourists are educated about the river and its past. For food lovers, the cruise offers regional Cajun cuisine and for music lovers traditional jazz is played by live bands, to kick up their heels.
The best way to experience the river era of the Native Americans, explorers such as Mark Twain, and various river boatmen, is by going for one of these cruises. Throughout the cruise narrative, stories about the Civil war hostilities and delta history are told. Thus, making this relaxing voyage worth trying out!