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Monterey Beach vs Carmel Beach: Where to Go

Bindu swetha Aug 22, 2019
Monterey beach and Carmel beach are close to each other but both have different worldly to them. While Monterey has a more urban feel to it while Carmel is on a quieter side.

Monterey Beach

Once you are in Monterey, you will find nearly 99 miles of magnificent coastline.
From cliffs with spectacular waterfalls to rocky shores and from sandy beaches to bird spotting areas, Monterey has it all.

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Activities at the Monterey Beach

The area near Fisherman's Wharf is an excellent place for fishing, kayaking, and water recreation activities. You can also find paragliders launching from sand dunes on the Seaside end of the beach.
The Seaside section of the beach has strong currents that make swimming and surfing unsafe. But you can enjoy walking, beachcombing, flying kites and building sandcastles.

Carmel Beach

With a backdrop of sloping cliffs and cypress trees, the Carmel Beach gets a beautiful fairytale look. And to top it all, the white sand at the one-mile long beach makes for a dramatic view.

Activities at the Carmel Beach

While at Carmel Beach, you can sunbathe, walk, or play with your dogs. Yes, Carmel Beach is a pet-friendly beach. So feel free to take your pet to the beach.
You can enjoy a bonfire at the southern avenue of the beach. However, the bonfire shouldn't get bigger than 3x3x3 feet and isn't allowed after 10 pm. You can enjoy a drink or two while at the beach.

Which One to Pick?

The Carmel region has more art galleries, wine tasting rooms, ocean and also charming downtown.
The Monterey region has aquariums, cannery, Monterey Bay and few wine tasting rooms.
Pets are allowed at the Carmel beach while they aren't allowed at the Monterey beach. Carmel is a picturesque village with easy beach access while Monterey is a more family-friendly beachfront area.
So, if you are looking for a relaxing trip with better food and picturesque views, head to Carmel beach.
But, if you are on a budget, you must pick Monterey. Don't miss the aquarium while at Monterey.