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New Mexico Attractions: Fabulous Things to Do in New Mexico

Gaynor Borade Dec 2, 2019
New Mexico is in the southwestern region of North America. The Native American population, that resides in the state, are descendants of people who witnessed setting up of the Imperial Spanish royalty. Hospitality of Hispanics, Latin Americans have made New Mexico a tourist hub.
New Mexico is home to a large number of Native Americans, mostly Navajo and Pueblo. The presence of these tribes has given the land a demography and culture, unique in its amalgamation of Mexican, Spanish, and Native American influences. New Mexico spans across 121,590 square miles.
The state is flanked by Oklahoma, Texas, Chihuahua, Sonora, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah. It makes a great holiday destination with landscape ranging from deserts to snow-capped peaks.
It also flaunts heavily forested wilderness, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, a rugged and pastoral northern region, and areas watered by the Rio Grande, Pecos, Gila, Canadian, and San Juan.
Botanists from across the globe arrive in New Mexico every year to study the creosote bush, varieties of cacti, mesquite, yucca, and desert grasses that carpet the southern region of the state.

Things to Do

The Federal government and local municipalities in New Mexico protect a number of forest areas, including the Carson National Forest, Cibola National Forest in Albuquerque, and the Santa Fe National Forest in Santa Fe.
The special National Park Service also protects the Aztec Ruins National Monument, Capulin Volcano National Monument, and Pecos National Historical Park, among many other sites of national and historical importance. While in New Mexico, you could visit the surviving native pueblos at the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks and the Valles Caldera National Preserve.

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The arid territory, mostly covered by deserts and high mountain plains, and the climate of New Mexico, make it ideal for adventure or extreme sports enthusiasts.
The New Mexican cities of Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, and Roswell are popular metropolitans. Along with a lot of development, as a tourist you also get to be a part of the preserved remnants and descendants of the Clovis, Mogollon, Anasazi, Navajo, Apache, and Ute cultures.
Exposure to unique tradition give memories of a lifetime to capture on camera, and reasons to visit again.

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While Mid-Continent Oil Field and San Juan Basin give a feel of progress and development, the New Mexico Film Office statistics offers an insight to the billions hauled through exposure of state's picturesque locales.
New Mexico retains its popularity as the American corridor for migration and trade.

Places of Interest

The state caters to tourists by many interstate highways, a commuter rail system, an Albuquerque International Sunport for air transport. Various interesting places in this state are given ahead.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Santa Fe Opera

Fiestas de Santa Fe

Silver City (a mining town)

El Santuario de Chimayo Shrine

International UFO Museum and Research Center

Some other places include:
  • Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival
  • The New Mexico Scorpions of the Central Hockey League
  • Monument to the Flying Paper Boy
The state offers tourists the best locales to explore local and world history, and culture. You could visit the Coronado State Monument, or the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center to trace the history of Native American Pueblos through rich reserves of seasonal performances and traditional dances.

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The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

The Museum of New Mexico and the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian offer you a visual treat of exhibits covering Native American jewelry, pottery, and paintings. The Santa Fe Trail takes you to the San Miguel Mission, the home of Loretto Chapel, and the 'Miraculous Stairway'.
New Mexico is synonymous with delectable albondigas, atole, bizcochito, capirotada, chicharrones and chicharrones de cuero. The state is a great melting pot of the old and new ways of life, presented by people renowned for their high standards of hospitality and rooted sense of resilience.