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New York City Hosts the Best Walking Tours?

Read here and explore the famous New York walking tours.
Sumit Kapoor Jun 28, 2019
New York is a city where many tourist spots can be covered on foot. The city has several neighborhoods that even the lifelong residents have not yet explored.
While a bus tour can give you a rough essence of the town, an enjoyable walking tour can make you soak in the culture and essence of one particular area and make you explore a specific aspect of NYC.
New York City is home to many walking tour companies that not only host free walking tours but also provide food tours & other expensive tours.

With residents of various cultures and nationalities, it is no surprise that the place is full of art and history. The walking tours of NY are customized according to the needs of every tourist taking it.

1. Grand Central Neighborhood Tour

This free tour will show you the essential spots of Grand Central's Neighborhood. The main aim is to bring to notice the architectural history of the building and surrounding area.

This tour is highly recommended as it highlights the historical essence of Grand central.

2. Central Park Conservancy Tour

If you want to discover flora and fauna of Central Park, you need to take this tour. The tour mainly highlights the various features of Central Park. The two-hour tour will let you walk around the park and also learn about the many living beings you see here.

3. Harlem Hip-Hop Walking Tour

The Harlem Hip Hop Walking tour takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city to witness the most famous black neighborhood of America with the guidance of a real hip-hop legend.

You can see the world-famous Apollo Theater, several renowned jazz clubs, favorite spots from hip hop music videos and the oldest record store in Harlem.

4. NYC Speakeasy Walking Tour

This tour will take you through the unmarked entrances, phone booths, back alleys, signs marked “Emergency Exit” at the back of shops to taste some of the best cocktails of NYC. You will get to enjoy every moment drinking at each stop.
If you want to be a part of these fantastic walking tours, you need to book your tickets to New York. Several airlines are flying to this city, starting from United to Alaska Airlines. To book a flight with them, you need to call on their reservation numbers, i.e Alaska Airlines reservation number.