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Things to Do in Oakland, California

Prashant Magar Jun 18, 2019
Oakland is a city in California which offers a lot of activities and enjoyment, and is also a lovely destination for vacationers. It has a wealth of attractions to help you enjoy for a long time.
Oakland city has got much to offer in terms of arts, culture, entertainment, shopping, sightseeing, and dining. It is a major port on the West Coast of the US and is also the 44th biggest city in the country.
In addition, it is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the US. Oakland is also fondly referred to as the 'Oak town', or the 'O town'. They say, once you visit this city, you can't go back to your home and Oakland has been successful in living up to this reputation.

Chabot Space and Science Center

It is a magnificently built 86,000 square feet facility for all science lovers. It features interesting exhibits, digital screen, and planetariums.
It was set up as a public observatory to educate the San Francisco Bay area population under the science education program that began in 1883.
The center boasts of one of the largest space telescopes in the United States and a space flight simulator. It is Oakland's own mini version of NASA, with experts regularly visiting the center for talks and science exhibitions.

Children's Fairyland and other Famous Landmarks

Enter the world of fantasy with a visit to children's most lovable destination in Oakland. The Children's Fairyland is a 10 acre park, filled with a lot of fun and intellectually stimulating activities for youngsters along with colorful displays and craft work.
It's the perfect holiday spot for families who want to educate their kids the fun way. Besides these, there is Oakland Zoo, The Leona Canyon Open Space Reserve, Knowland Park, and The Huckleberry Botanical Regional Reserve. The Parkway theater offers the most peculiar choice of films in the entire bay area.
It is the place to go for all the weird stuff you would like to see and experience and is popular with the locals. The Jack London Square is a delightful place if you want to listen to some live music, watch the sea-gulls, take a ride in the ferry, or have the best dining and pubbing experience.

Lake Merritt and Morcom Amphitheater of Roses

Lake Merritt is the largest salt water lake in the US and the most famous landmark of Oakland. Its surrounding area is beautified with a 122 acre park, wildlife and gardens all along its edges. It is also the most preferred location for sailing, windsurfing, biking, running, and jogging activities.
The Amphitheater would be the easiest place to locate in Oakland. Simply follow the fragrance and you reach the most joyous spot in the city. The 6 acre park is home to over 6000 varieties of roses. It is a great place to lift your spirits with its natural beauty and sweet smelling air.

Shopping Centers and Chinatown

Oakland City Center and Rockridge are the most preferred destinations for shopping and dining, with some of the best facilities for the same. You can experience Asian culture firsthand in Oakland's little China.
The place is host to the largest Asian festival of the Bay Area and serves delectable Asian cuisine. The area is abuzz with the most casual and refined eateries along with shops and some street markets.

The Columbarium

As you near this elegant and majestic setup, a notable heavenly peace descends on you. The area is a lovely and unique set, complete with labyrinthine halls which play host to some of the best musical shows and serene surroundings.
The greenery and stone arches lend a peaceful look to the place and make it perfect for a romantic stroll with your loved ones.
Oakland is a world of dreams for everyone who visits this magical city. If you are planning to get a long break from your routine, Oakland is a great destination.