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OdySea Aquarium, Arizona - An Aquatic Wonderland

The OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale has brought a taste of the ocean to the deserts of Arizona.
Sonali Pimpale May 28, 2019
Newly minted in the Fall of 2016, with 30,000 animals, 500 species, and 50+ exhibits, this 200,000 square feet of oceanic nirvana is the largest aquarium in the Southwest United States.
Voted as the Kids' Best Indoor Entertainment, OdySea Aquarium strives to entertain, educate and inspire its guests to conserve aquatic life. The aquarium offers a unique blend of theme-park style amusement and enchanting presentations of oceanic life.

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The aquarium houses dwellers of all kinds of ocean ecosystems from deep oceans, coral reefs to saltwater and freshwater rivers and lakes. Be it the adorable clownfish and seahorses or the awe-inspiring sharks and octopi, you will find them all at this mammoth aquarium.

A ‘Touchy’ Experience

OdySea Aquarium boasts of four touch exhibits - Russian Sturgeon, Stingray Bay, Stingray Shores, and Tidal Touch. Enjoy the rare experience of getting up close with stingrays, sea stars, hermit crabs, and many more species of the marine kingdom. This is the world’s only aquarium that offers a sturgeon touch exhibit.

Attention, Penguin Lovers!

Love the cuddly masterminds from Madagascar? Enjoy their antics as they waddle across the land, and glide gracefully underwater at the aquarium’s Penguin Point.

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Stranger Things!

Meet some of the unconventional, yet fascinating creations of Mother Nature. Wonder at the Giant Pacific Octopus, Crab, Lobster, and Kelp Forest exhibits at the Bizarre and Beautiful Gallery.

All Hail Mighty Mike!

You most assuredly don’t want to meet this 800 pound, 14 feet long resident of OdySea Aquarium out in the open, but you can gawk at the biggest alligator in America outside Florida, to your heart’s content at the aquarium.

In Deep Waters

What better way to get close to the marine life than stepping in their own domain? At SeaTREK, you get to go underwater with an expert team of divers. Relish the experience of vibrantly colored fish swimming close by, and get close to the beautiful Honeycomb Whiptail stingray and the elegant Zebra shark.

Bon Voyage!

Get ready to undertake a voyage like no other! OdySea Aquarium offers the only revolving aquarium experience in the world. Inside The Voyager, you are considered a part of the OdySea Aquarium research team. In a stadium-seat styled theater, you will be taken through four of the largest exhibits of the aquarium, complete with narrative storytelling.
OdySea Aquarium is truly a Mecca for marine enthusiasts. The aquarium happily hosts all kinds of events from birthday parties and corporate events to weddings. Celebrate your special day with some fishy friends! Don’t forget to check out Aqua Lobby, Rivers of the World, Otter Banks, Kids' Cove, Reef Jewel, Ocean Art and the Aquarium’s Theater on your visit.