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Amazing Places to Visit in Florida

Ujwal Deshmukh Sep 28, 2019
So, you are planning for a vacation in Florida but you are confused, where exactly to go in this beautiful state? So here's some information about some of the best places that can be visited in this state.
Florida, since a long time has been addressed as the tropical paradise of America. This is because, it is bestowed with a long coastline, glamorous and sunny beaches and to top it all, a pleasant sub-tropical climate.
It is a perfect vacation place for everyone. Be it young children, teenagers, couples, adults, or the elderly, everyone from your family would like to pay a visit, as this state offers something or the other to everyone.
Undoubtedly, it constitutes a prominent part of the travel and tourism industry in the United States. Although, the US has a lot to offer apart from Florida, almost all the tourists coming to the US, visit at least one place in this state. Your visit to the US would remain incomplete, if you do not include Florida in your itinerary.

Places to Visit With Kids

If your kids are very much enthusiastic about visiting Florida, then they won't get disappointed if you take them to some of the following places.

Busch Gardens

Almost all the kids are fascinated by the thought of seeing wild animals. If your kid is also one of them, then consider going to the Busch Gardens. It offers you a view of various wild animals and their natural habitats. What makes the trip even more exciting is that, you can roam through the entire garden sitting in a cable car or monorail.

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Walt Disney Park

Your kids would definitely love to go to this place. They can meet their favorite Walt Disney characters, and enjoy all the fun activities.

Romantic Places

If you are a couple, planning for a vacation to some romantic place, then Florida can be your ideal destination. Visit the golden beaches and surely, you could go back home with romantic memories for a lifetime.

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South Beach

South beach is believed to be an ideal beach for couples to relax, recreate, and most importantly spend quality time with each other. Delicious food coupled with great music, and your soul-mate sitting besides you, can make it very romantic!

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Clearwater Beach

Clearwater beach offers a spectacular view of the sunset along with a golf club, ample shopping facilities, helpful and friendly local population, and above all a jubilant nightlife.

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Daytona Beach

It is one of the best beaches around the world, not only for couples but also for families and adventure lovers.
Snorkeling, surfing, parasailing, and scuba diving might sound adventurous to most, but couples can find these activities romantic as well.

10 Best Places

Florida might seem a large state for some tourists and it might not be possible for them to visit each and every tourist destination. To help such tourists, the 10 best places are discussed here.

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Miami is a prime tourist hub, as you can find everything from fashion to entertainment, in full swing.
Moreover, the sandy beaches, great hotels, and the exuberant nightlife makes it a perfect and exciting tourist place.

Fort Lauderdale

It's a city resembling Venice in Italy, due to the presence of numerous canals. The museum of Discovery and Science in downtown Fort Lauderdale is worth visiting. Another, great place is the long Fort Lauderdale beach.


This is a large swamp area, which is spread across an area of more than 1000 square miles. Awaiting your visit, are a variety of wild animals and mysteries of nature in the Everglades.

Palm Beach

Popularly known as the 'playground for the rich', palm beach serves you with all the excitement, recreation, and entertainment that you've always looked for.

Coral Gables

Fantastic tourist venue offering diverse shopping amenities and beautiful man-made marvels. Coral Gables resembles the Beverly Hills of the West Coast and is a 'not to miss' tourist place.

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It's Florida's modern city with a rich historical background. It is an ideal city for shopping and a home to many museums.

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Amelia Island

It is an island rich in natural beauty as well as accommodation facilities in the form of beach resorts. It is a great vacation spot, for spending some lazy time on the beautiful beaches.

Panama City Beach

Rated amongst the topmost beach vacation spots in the world, the Panama city beach is an ideal vacation place for families. It is gifted with a coast stretch of about 27 miles, and the white sugary beaches contribute to the beauty of this place.

St. Augustine

Fit for families as well as couples, St. Augustine is characterized by beautiful beaches and historical attractions as well.


‘The City of Five Flags' is full of restaurants, art galleries, cultural venues and beaches. Governments of the French, the Spanish, the British, the Confederacy and the US, have ruled it, during the course of its history.