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Places to Visit in Louisiana

Kashmira Lad Sep 29, 2019
The second-largest city in the state, Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana. With the Mississippi river to the south, this is a major industrial and commercial point in the southern area. The Louisiana State Capitol area also plays host for the famous "Mardi Gras" parades.
He's got fishing lines strung across the Louisiana Rivers
Gotta catch a big fish for us to eat
He's setting traps in the swamp catching anything he can
He's gotta make a living, he's a Louisiana man
Gotta make a living, he's a Louisiana man!
- Johnny Cash (excerpt from Louisiana Man)

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Louisiana is a state in the United States of America that shows a strong influence of a multitude of cultures, and is known for its wetlands and swamps. Commonly nicknamed as the Pelican State, it is home to various species of plants and animals including birds and carnivorous plants.
Some places of interest around here are the Baton Rouge River Center, which features the legendary Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra, which started out 62 years ago, Perkins Rowe, Louisiana State Museum, and The Baton Rouge Zoo.

Post "Hurricane Katrina", Louisiana has seen a speedy recovery in the economy, infrastructure, health care and coastal protection.
Louisiana is distinctive because of the presence of the Creole and Cajun culture. This place also attracts tourists in large numbers throughout the year due to the various attractions seen out here. If you are a first time traveler, take a look at some places to visit in Louisiana.
Located in southeastern Louisiana, Lake Pontchartrain is a brackish estuary connected to the Gulf of Mexico. It is about 40 miles long and 25 miles wide covering an area of 630 square miles.
It is considered to be one of the largest wetlands in the world, and is home to diverse species of animals and plants, with bald cypress being the most notable one. The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway comprises two parallel bridges that run between Metairie (a suburb of New Orleans) and Mandeville.
Protected as a National Historic Landmark, the Oak Alley Plantation is located in Vacherie, southern Louisiana. It's characteristic feature is a path lined by 300 year-old and 800 feet tall, giant oak trees. This path originates from the Mississippi river and leads to a beautiful Antebellum mansion.
Other attractions in the premises include the slave quarter exhibits and the Civil War Encampment. Well-furnished plantation cottages are available for overnight stay on this beautiful campus.
Named in the honor of General Andrew Jackson, this square signifies the victory of United States after the Battle Of New Orleans, in 1815. A life-size replica of the hero Jackson, mounted on his war horse was then resurrected at the center of the place.

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Jackson Square is quite a colorful and an animated place today.
The Basilica of St. Louis hails high to the north of the square. The park also has a majestic sculpture of Jackson in the center. Tarot card readers, artists, musicians and entertainers are a popular sight here. This place was known to have an eclectic blend of arts and commerce.
Today, one can see a number of offices located in the square and many artists working and socializing here.

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Shreveport accounts for being the 3rd largest metropolitan city in Louisiana.

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The Red River flanks Shreveport on one side and Bossier-City on the other, while the area doubles up to be known as the Shreveport-Bossier City Metropolitan Area which is a lucrative commercial hub today. Shreve Town Company established this area which is known as Shreveport today.
The land of the Caddo Parish, Shreveport has abundant pine forests and lush and pristine waterways and wetlands. Some interesting places to visit while you are here are Chimp Haven, Ford park, Touchstone Wildlife & Art Museum, and the Sci-Port Discovery Center among many others.

New Orleans Museum of Art

Located in New Orleans, this museum includes some of the finest collections of art. One can particularly see around 50 beautifully carved sculptures on the landscaped garden. The collection mainly includes artworks of French and American origin. This museum is open for students and teachers who can take a tour here or even conduct workshops.

National World War II Museum

This museum is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. It has an interesting array of exhibits, which are related to World War II. On the 56th anniversary, this museum was opened to the public. It gives the visitors a glimpse into the political and social life of the days during World War II.

Avery Island

This place is located in Iberia Parish, Louisiana. It is actually a salt dome, which is home to a rock salt mine in use since the time of the Civil War. The name stands, because in the 1830s this place was home to the Avery family. It was the American-Indians who discovered the presence of the salt dome here.
Avery Island is also famous for the well-known Tabasco pepper sauce. Apart from this, the island has some of the most exotic species of plants and animals.

Jungle Gardens

Jungle Gardens is located on Avery Island, and has a bird sanctuary. The garden was created and conceptualized by Edward Avery Mcllhenny. For generations, this garden has been home to the snowy egrets. It was back in 1895, when Edward raised around 8 of these species at Jungle Gardens. This garden also has interesting collections of plants.

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Kisatchie National Forest

This national forest in Louisiana has a number of activities for tourists. The outdoorsy person can find a range of recreational activities such as boating, camping, mountain biking, swimming, etc.
With over 40 sites developed for such activities, visitors can have a great time indeed while being amidst the greens!


Popularly known as the Eden of Louisiana, this town is an interesting blend of Spanish, American, African, and Indian cultures. This town resonates with "Unity in Diversity".
Some major attractions here include the Acadian village, Lafayette Natural History Museum & Planetarium, Acadian and Creole Folklore and Folklife Center, and the Summer Music Festival in August. People here know how to enjoy themselves, and celebrations, dance, and music are a part of their lifestyle.

Acadian Village

This village, rather a cultural park is located in Lafayette, Louisiana. A design team specially recreated a Cajun style village right here. Out of the many homes seen here, the Acadian village has around seven authentic buildings of the 19th century. This village is a perfect representation of the Cajun lifestyle followed in the past.
During the first weeks of December, there are a number of functions planned at the Acadian village. One can enjoy the soulful and melodious music being played.

Poverty Point State

Poverty Point is known for its famous archaic earthworks dating back to over 3500 years which led to the area being recognized as a National Monument. The place features 6 distinct curving mounds which were constructed over centuries of time. They reflect excellence in design and engineering.
Its cosmological and symmetrical structure is believed to be of a religious significance. Poverty Point has been a mecca for the archaeologists, and excavations have found many contemporary artifacts here.

Louisiana Trivia

  • Louisiana, a historic civil war-ground was initially acquired for about 3 cents an acre, and through acquisition issues between the third president Jefferson and Napoleon, it was finally purchased by the U.S. for a staggering amount of 15 million dollars.
  • Lake Pontchartrain causeway in Louisiana was formerly the longest bridge to be constructed over water.
  • "Mardi Gras" an archaic ritual was introduced and followed by the French in Louisiana, and was eventually observed by the Spanish.
  • Louisiana was named in honor of King Louis XIV.
  • It is home to the largest number of Cajuns who had fled Canada and were refugees initially.
  • Louisiana is the only state, which thrives on political subdivisions called parishes.

Famous Louisianians

  •  Reese Witherspoon
  •  Shane West
  • Jared Leto
  • Britney Spears
  • Ellen Degeneres
  • Lil' Wayne
  • Trace Adkins
  • Louis Armstrong
  • Cameron Richardson
  • Ian Somerhalder
Louisiana is definitely a place you wouldn't want to miss. It exudes a vibrant atmosphere with abundant heritage, culture and a delicious cuisine.
Whether it's sport fishing in the afternoons, taking a lazy swamp cruise in the evenings, relaxing by the harbor at sunsets or an exciting skydiving experience in the morning, Louisiana is a thrilling experience.