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Places to Visit in Puerto Rico

Mukta Gaikwad Sep 26, 2019
If it is about exploring the scenic island of Puerto Rico, then it has to be done with the locals. Steer away from cliched tour guides and maps and check out these places to visit in Puerto Rico to see some of the incredible places on the island.

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The island of Puerto Rico has some of the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets to offer those looking for a breathtaking vacation. This archipelago, which has one main island of Puerto Rico and number of smaller isles, are scenic beyond belief.

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This beautiful location caters to the needs of a romantic, adventurous and relaxing vacation. To experience this magical vacation you need to know the right places to visit in Puerto Rico, so that you make the best of each day. Dump all those tourist guides and trash the guide books, for they will only show you the cliches.

Tourist Attractions in Puerto Rico

Rio Camuy Caves

In you are in a mood for a little bit of adventure, you have got to see these caves. Archaeologists discovered them in 1950s near Lares. They were made by Taino Indians, which were the indigenous tribe in the ancient region. These caves have huge deposits of limestone.
There are over 220 caves and 17 entrances, which makes it the biggest network of caves in the world. These caves are also a home for 13 species of bats. An interesting fact about this location is that there are over 800 caves still left to be discovered. So, there's quite a chance you might lead another exploration whilst you are on your tour!

Lagoon Tortuguero

If something relaxing and soothing is your idea of this Puerto Rican vacation, look no further. Lagoon Tortuguero, a natural water reserve, which is a home to over 700 species of plants is one of the places filled with views, which are sure to leave you looking for words!
One can go hiking, kayaking and boating to see the diverse ecological reserve of this lagoon closely. If nothing else, watching the sunset at this lagoon is a totally enigmatic experience.

El Arsenal

One cannot miss out on a lesson in history, while visiting Puerto Rico. The military base of Old San Juan, which was built in 1800 by the Spaniards after the Spanish-American war is a historical site worth a visit.
Its Roman architecture, has been turned into an Institute of Puerto Rican culture. The historically significant place is a home to Puerto Rican art and culture.

El Yunque

Get a glimpse of Puerto Rican rainforest at El Yunque, which is elevated by the Rocky Mountains.
Walk the lush green trails and climb a few peaks to experience the beautifully preserved rainforest.

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The forest is actually known as 'Yuquiyu', which means 'Forest of Clouds'. Spanning over 28,000 acres, this place is home to 240 species of plants.

Culebra Island

The literal translation of this island is 'Snake Island'. It is named so, only because of its shape. This beautiful tourist destination has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
Flamenco beach, which ranks number two amongst world's exotic beaches is a must see. You can see some of the rare under water reefs by scuba diving at the beach.

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Make sure you carry a camera along with you to capture the priceless moments you are likely to experience there. Puerto Rico is known as La Isla de Encanto, or the Island of Enchantment. With great weather and exceptionally well-maintained landscapes, a trip to this island is definitely going to be the most rewarding one.
To experience the best of this place, visit the pubs and restaurants and befriend a few locals. There is no greater way to explore a place than doing it with the natives. Besides the places, try out the coastal cuisines and delicacies to get the real flavor of Puerto Rico!