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10 Places to Visit in Washington DC to Make Your Vacation Memorable

Medha Godbole Sep 29, 2019
Washington DC, the capital of the US, the most powerful country in the world, has numerous sightseeing spots ranging from fantastic museums, contemporary theme parks to drama theaters. This write-up provides an information about such places of interest.
Those who love Washington DC and its way of life never cease to tell others how fantastic it is. They swear by its power-packed political corridors where historic decisions have been made. There is no other city like DC for them. One of the things which makes it a fantastic place is the sightseeing options it offers a visitor.

Top 10 Places to Visit

The Mall, Et All

Well, if you are a first timer, most probably you would hear from the guide or those who have gone earlier, about the National Mall. What's amazing about this central point is the combination of architectural monuments and natural surroundings.

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The area has the constitution avenue in the north, 14th street to the west, Independence Avenue to the south, and 3rd street to the east. The Washington Monument stands tall amidst the other monuments at the west end of the Mall and Capitol Building towers on the east.

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In addition to this, there is the Lincoln memorial commemorating the contribution of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the USA to the nation's history.
Another memorial monument is the Korean War Memorial. Furthermore, you have the Smithsonian Institution Museums dotting the Mall.
If you are tired of memorials, catch an IMAX movie. So, after making the visitors spoiled for choice, it is no wonder the tourists or visitors within the country spend a whole day here.

Muse About Museums

The National Museum of Natural History and National Air and Space Museum are both popular Smithsonian museums that are located in the National Mall area.
The former has a collection of more than 100 natural science specimens and cultural artifacts, while the latter has the biggest historic collection of aircraft and spacecraft in the world. Amongst the whopping number of exhibits, are the original Wright 1903 flyer, Apollo 11 command module, and Spirit of Saint Louis.
Another addition to this list is the National Museum of American History. Check it out for a mind-boggling experience (in the form of artifacts) of the American History.

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To The 'Pont'

The Dupont Circle is a nice, cosmopolitan neighborhood, home for DC's ethnic restaurants, finest museums, book stores, and art galleries. Being the heart of Washington's nightlife, it has a park with a fountain, where people can gather and have a great time.
You can also see lots of high-rise apartments here. All in all, a place to chill after you are tired of the umpteen spots to see in the capital.

The Great Falls Park

The Great Falls Park is a must watch when you are visiting DC. This is an enormous 800-acre park located on the river Potomac. In the DC metropolitan area, this is undoubtedly, the most vouched for natural landmark.

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This park offers a plethora of activities like picnicking, hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, and rock climbing, all on the backdrop of beautiful blue, 20-feet cascading waterfalls.

Old Town

Another amazing place to go in the nation's capital is the Old Town Alexandria. This is a quaint historic town on the other side of the Potomac.
What gives this spot historical significance, is the fact that the Alexandria riverfront was a colonial port. It has been a witness to the colonial, revolutionary, and the civil wars. Enjoy the taste of vintage USA with cobblestone streets, colonial houses, and so on.

Echo Around

The Glen Echo park is a premier amusement park. Over the years, after being established in 1891, this park is a hub for art and culture. It is run and managed by the Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture. The performances in Spanish Ballroom and Annual labor day art show are some of the attractions of the Glen Echo Park.

Just a Quarter

Penn Quarter is a whole district or neighborhood dedicated to arts and entertainment. It's accompanied by nightclubs, restaurants, art galleries, trendy stores, etc. It is in 'downtown' Washington and located halfway between the White House and the US Capitol Building.

For the Party Animals

Adams Morgan has undoubtedly the most exciting nightlife. This area is decked up with nightclubs and restaurants offering exotic cuisines ranging from the Oriental to the African. 
Latin American Youth Center and Latino Community Heritage Center, District of Columbia Arts Center, Patricia M. Sitar Center for Arts, and Meridian Hill Park are a few other places around Adam's Morgan, which are worth visiting.

Show Me the Money

Visit the Bureau of Engraving and Printing to watch real money being printed. Catch a glimpse of how the most powerful currency of the world is printed, stacked, cut, and thoroughly checked. 
If you are lucky, you might get a glimpse of The President inviting the senators or security advisers in the form of a White House invitation, which is also printed here.

National Zoo

Last, but not the least, is the National Zoo. With more than 400 species of animals set in a 163-acre area, this park is not to be missed. This can consume several hours of your day because of its sheer size and you need to do a lot of walking. So high heels, trendy, or dainty shoes are a big no no!