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Plan a Trip to Lanai Island, Hawaii

Bindu swetha Sep 9, 2019
The ‘private isle’, Lanai, is known to be one of the most romantically inclined places on earth! This romantic magnet attracts many couples, year round, to enjoy some quiet time amidst the unspoilt nature.

What to See

One of the most popular attractions at the secluded island are Keahikawelo (Garden of the Gods), Kaiolohiʻa (Shipwreck Beach), Hulopo`e Bay (Marine Sanctuary), Puʻupehe (Sweetheart Rock), and the Lānaʻihale and Kanepuʻu Preserve (Dryland forest).

Keahikawelo or Garden of the Gods

About 7 miles from north of Lanai city, you can visit the ‘rock garden’, Keahikawelo. The lunar-struck formation of rocks, is said to have rocks shaped by the Gods themselves.
Visit the place during sunset to admire the varying shades of sunset. Arrange the rocks as per your taste, and leave lasting memories at the place.

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Kaiolohia or Shipwreck Beach

Explore Kaiolohia or Shipwreck beach to enjoy spectacular views of Molokai and Maui. Swimming is not recommended here due to strong currents.

Legend of Sweetheart Rock

The Sweetheart Rock, known to be a symbol of tragic love, stand 80 feet out of water.
The rock narrates the tale of two lovers – Pehe from Hawaii and Makakehau, a young warrior from Lanai. At Lanai, he hid her at a cave at the base of Manele’s cliffs.
As fate would have it, a storm brewed around the area and Pehe drowned. Makakehau prayed to the Gods to help him climb a steep rock at the island where he buried here and then jumped into the water from the 80-feet rock!

Manele-Hulopo‘e Marine Life Conservation District

The ancient remains of the fishing village of Manele extends from Manele Harbor to Hulopoʻe Beach Park.

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The corals are in plenty at the sides of the bay, towards the cliff. Go for Scuba diving at the First Cathedrals.

Pineapples– No More?

Lanai was once known as the ‘Pineapple Island’ for its huge pineapple plantation owned by Dole Company. There was huge number of pineapple exports taking place until 1992. Post 1992, pineapples are no longer grown there!

Activities to Indulge In

Head straight to your resort’s helpdesk and ask the concierge for the activities the resort has arranged!

Golf at Lanai

Golf needs a special mention at Lanai. The secluded place is famous for its two golf courses.
Manele’s 18-hole Jack Nicklaus-designed Challenge and the experience at Koele that is designed by Greg Norman and Ted Robinson are worth visiting!

How to Get There

Take a short flight from Honolulu to Lanai. Only Hawaiian Airlines and Island Air operate flights in Lanai.
The Expeditions Lahaina – Lana’i Ferry operates between Lahaina Harbor and Manele Harbor. The ferry services have five departures per directions daily.