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Pocono Vacations

Pocono Vacations: A Perfect Blend of Culture and Entertainment

Scenic trails, beautiful waterfalls, gushing water, and historical sites. Experience this and more, when you are on a Pocono vacation.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Nov 01, 2018
Now, who wouldn't love to spend their entire life amidst a picturesque setting with loads of fun in store? Does that sound like a distant dream to you? The Pocono Mountains is the place that you would want to make your permanent residence. This is the reason, people who have purchased vacation homes here, have turned them into their permanent address.
Pocono Mountains: Location
Pocono Mountains
This popular retreat is a mountainous region that is located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, USA. The Pocono Mountains serve as an ideal vacation spot for people who are in proximity to this destination.
This area, being mountainous, and the lack of a population center, make it difficult to commute and establish the right base for transit. The Pocono Mountains are not an extension of the Appalachian Mountains, they appear to be geologically. It is known as a mountainous area, but it is not a mountain chain. This is more of a plateau with uplifted regions.
The Delaware River
The name Pocono has been derived from a Native American term. As the Delaware River flows through this area; it means stream between two mountains. The beautiful hillside area and the gorgeous lakes that belong to this region, make Pocono vacations a fun-filled affair.
An Ideal Retreat
Pocono mountain vacations are full of endless fun with activities that are related to nature. This proves to be an ideal getaway for those who are looking for quaint towns and loads of outdoor activities. The rentals are not really too difficult; though the area is famous for its luxurious resorts.
Pocono Mountains Lake
Enjoying a vacation would simply mean lots of adventure outdoors and luxury at your fingertips. If hiking is what you love to do, then you can explore the countryside, or if you are a water baby, then there are around 150 gorgeous lakes in this region waiting to be explored.
Things To Do and Places to Visit
A Place Imbibed in Culture
It is not only the scenic beauty which will take your breath away. If you are a lover of art, and wish to explore the cultural side of this region, you truly won't be disappointed. Quaint towns offer you plenty of options to quench your thirst for art and architecture.
You can look forward to museum visits that hold interesting exhibits, or check out places and architecture of historic significance in the Pocono Mountains. The people that belong to this beautiful hilly area also have an inclination towards music. This is evident when you witness the wide range of musical festivals that are planned throughout the year.
An Ideal Retreat for Outdoor Enthusiasts
If outdoor sports is your idea of a perfect vacation, then there are loads in store for you. Feel the excitement and the exhilaration when you try out the kayak and raft trips on the Delaware River. Face the challenge when you go out whitewater rafting with a bunch of friends.
If you think this is too much of an adventure, then you can even opt for some quiet moments fishing by the riverside. Gallop all across the town with your family when you go horseback riding. This is a great way to unearth new scenic trails.
No Dearth for Entertainment
As mentioned, there would be a variety of dos you can attend when you are vacationing in the Pocono Mountains. The musical programs and the theatrical performances will definitely have you asking for more. The quaint restaurants would spare no expense to satiate your taste buds. Or, you can even try your luck at the casino.
List of Activities
Group of Men and Women White Water Rafting
  • Whitewater rafting
Rafting on the New River
  • Family rafting
Fisherman in a pond
  • Fishing
Young girl horseback riding on forest trail
  • Horseback riding
Golf ball on tee and golf club on golf course
  • Golfing
Mountain biker in forest.
  • Mountain biking
Girl standing on a skateboard. Closeup of skateboard
  • Skateboarding
Man doing Water-skiing
  • Water skiing
Bakken entertainment park, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Family fun parks
Roller skating outdoor
  • Roller-skating
Backpacker Girl With Samoyed Dog
  • Hiking
Four People Cycling
  • Trail biking
Crowded Beach With Pedal Boats
  • Boating
Canoeing together
  • Canoeing
Pair is placed on ice skating. It is snowing outside
  • Ice-skating
Active snowboarder jumping
  • Snowboarding
A Pocono mountain vacation will give you a welcome change from your hectic routine. It's time for you to pack your bags and head out.