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Points of Interest in Chicago Every Tourist Should Take Note Of

Buzzle Staff Sep 21, 2019
Chicago is a beautiful city, with lots of things to see and do. Make the most of your trip thereby checking out the most popular sites.
If you are planning a visit to Chicago, make sure you see the best city has to offer before you head back home. Chicago is truly beautiful and full of interesting cultural attractions you can't miss. From fantastic architecture to awesome museums to the best food in the Midwest to the shores of Lake Michigan, there is something that everyone will love.
Be sure to plan out your trip before you get to the city, though, because seeing things that are close together on the same day can make everything easier for you, as travel between points in the city can be cumbersome, especially during peak travel times.


Chicago is home to some of the most fascinating architecture in the country.

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One of the oldest buildings in the city is the Water Tower, which was built in 1869. It is one of the structures to survive the Chicago Fire in 1871.
It is a fascinating building to see, and houses a theater and is nearby the Water Tower Place, which has great shopping.

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Another stop along the architecture tour of Chicago must be the Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears Tower. Go to the top and walk out on the clear walkway to take a look straight down on the city.
Another great building to visit is the John Hancock Building. If you have the time, be sure to have dinner or a fabulous cocktail in the Signature Room on the 95th floor. Not only is the food great, but the views are breathtaking, too.

Boat Tours

If architecture is your thing, Wendella Boats offers a great architecture tour of Chicago. You can see some of the beautiful buildings from the Chicago River, which is a side of the buildings you don't usually get to see.
There are several other boat tours that are just as great, too, and many will even take you from the river out to Lake Michigan where you can see the Chicago skyline at any time of day. These tours are great ways to gain knowledge of this spectacular city, and it's also a fun way to rest your legs between walking trips.

Famous Pizza

You cannot come to Chicago without trying some famous, deep-dish pizza. There are many places to get this delicious, thick pizza.
Try it with all the toppings or just cheese, but be sure you try it at some point. Many people think that much pizza and cheese seems disgusting, but don't knock it till you try it. You might find a new favorite way of eating this Italian classic.


Chicago boasts some of the best museums in the nation, and many of them are close to each other on the Museum Campus along Lake Shore Drive.

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Start your museum tour at the Field Museum of Natural History seeing dinosaur fossils and artifacts from Ancient Egypt.
Then, you can move down the street to the Adler Planetarium to discover more about our universe, planets, and stars. After that, check out the Shedd Aquarium with its awesome sea life and breathtaking views of Lake Shore Drive to find the Museum of Science and Industry, where you can explore more modern innovations like planes, trains, and automobiles.

Other Landmarks

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While in the city, don't miss other landmarks like Buckingham Fountain, Soldier Field, Wrigley Field, and US Cellular Field. These are among the best places to go to get a true taste of Chicago.