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Redefining the Ranges with the Top 10 Mountains of Oregon

Ketki Dongare Aug 30, 2019
Move over the beautiful rivers and lakes of Oregon, and stretch your neck to the tallest peaks in the country. Rugged, volcanic, and majestic, these mountain ranges of Oregon are grandeur than life.
Mount Hood is the highest mountain of Oregon with active stratovolcano, high-rising at 11,249 ft. What attracts climbers to the cascade range are the 11 glaciers and the snow covered tops filled with sports activities.
Remotely located and difficult, backpack and climb the second tallest mountain of Oregon, Mount Jefferson, with aplenty rugged terrains surrounding the cascade range at 10,497 ft.

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Oregon's Three Sisters, comprises the South Sister and North Sister, making a trio of volcanic peaks at 10,363 ft.
Snow covered through and through, the deadly Sacajawea Peak at 9,843 ft. is one of the major league cascade range in Oregon. Avid hikers round to the summit via Thorp Creek Meadows.

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A single entity of the Oregon, the Steens Mountain is particularly famous for many hot springs along the mountain, apart from the recreational activities that are offered.
See the Mount Washington rising sky high at an elevation of 7,794 ft., with indigenous alpine forest running wild, making for the Mount Washington Wilderness area.
The rugged terrain of Mount McLoughlin offers sweeping views of the Crater Lake, and ascends a 9-mile trail from the base of an alpine forest, heading straight to the peak summit at 9,495 ft.
Mount Bachelor has adventure and thrill seeking at its best at an elevation of 9,068 ft. Ski with a 360 degree view of the area, hike or camp out, or enjoy the luxury of a ski resort.
Standing tall at an elevation height of ‎8750 ft., Diamond Peak near the Willamette Pass area of Oregon, is popular for its ski mountaineering peak.
Set between Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Washington, Three Fingered Jack is a strenuous climb. Being the oldest volcanic peak of the cascade range, the rocky terrains are rather poor and brittle.