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Crucial Things to Consider Before Moving to Hawaii

Abhijit Naik Oct 12, 2018
The idea of relocating to Hawaii is no doubt tempting, but is it viable for everyone? Here we will shed light on things that you need to take into consideration if you are planning to relocate to the Aloha State.
Hawaii is a part of the US located in the Pacific Ocean far from the US mainland. It has US mainland to the northeast, Australia to the southwest and Japan to the northwest. An exotic place with tropical climate, it's a famous holiday spot. If you have been there, the thought of relocating must have crossed your mind once.
When relocating, it is very important to know the new place inside out. In most cases, people regret relocating to a particular place, as it turns out that despite its beauty, which prompted them to move in the first place, actually staying in this place is a tough task.
What exactly is the deal breaker? It can be anything, including weather, economy, standard of living, etc. Therefore, before planning to move to a new place one should do a thorough research about the place.

Things to Consider If You Plan to Move to Hawaii

If you have visited Hawaii even once, you must have been enticed by the locale of the island, and at least once thought about settling there. Relocating to the Aloha State is not an unimaginable idea. It is possible to have your dream home there, but before you finalize your plan, consider a couple of things.

Which Island is Most Suitable?

Though this state is formed from a number of small islands, the life on all these is not the same. Economically, the islands vary in the context of cost of living, job opportunities, etc and socially, they vary in terms of standard of life and social structure.
Islands like Maui and Kauai are scenic and relatively less populated, therefore ideal for people who seek peace of mind away from the hustle-bustle of cities. If you want to enjoy the nightlife, you can opt to reside in Waikiki which has several nightclubs, bars and restaurants.

Should You Rent or Buy a New Place?

It goes without saying that it is always wise to find a home before you arrive. In Hawaii, it's not difficult to find a fully-furnished place for living as long as you possess the necessary documents, including identity cards and medical documents and a lot of money.
Renting a place in Hawaii is more expensive than it is on the US mainland; buying it, all the more so. The cost of property rises every year due to obvious reasons. While moving, if you have a lot of luggage, you can opt to ship your belongings. Even the shipment of a car from the mainland to Hawaii can be easily managed.

Will You Have to Get a Car?

The only Hawaiian Island where a public transport system exists is Oahu, which happens to be the busiest of the lot. Known as 'The Bus', it is the most convenient and affordable way to commute on the island.
The problem though, is traffic. It's very difficult to make way on busy streets, especially during the peak hours. And traffic woes are not restricted to Oahu mind you. While parking space is also a problem, the fact that you can rent a parking space on a monthly basis make it much easier; that's if you are ready to shell out money.

Can You Move Your Plants/Pets?

Strict rules makes it difficult to bring plants and pets. To carry your plants, you will have to undergo inspection by the authorities. To import your pets, you have to get permission from the Animal Guarantee Section at least 4 months before you relocate.
And while we are at that, you might want to know that you will have to live with the fact that flying cockroaches will share your home, irrespective of how clean you try to keep it.

What About Food Availability?

Around 90% of food items are imported in Hawaii. Food at low costs can be bought from one of the many retail chains. With advent of these chains, the problem of necessary items going out of stock has been resolved.

When is the Best Time to Relocate?

It's wise to move during the off season. The economy of Oahu largely depends on tourism. If you plan to move to Oahu, the ideal time will be between Jan and May or Sept and Nov. The tourist flow during this period is low, meaning easy availability of resources like transport and even short-term accommodation. You will be in a better position to settle down.
Relocating to Hawaii may seem a tedious task, but once you are here, the delight of staying in this exotic place with beautiful beaches and enchanting valleys will be immeasurable. Once you have taken all these things into consideration, and you are comfortable with the norms of the island, then you can make your dream of having a house in Hawaii come true.