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Riveting Things to Do in Redondo Beach, California

Prerana Jamdarkhana Nov 22, 2019

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This coastal city in California is known as the ‘The Gem of the Continent’, having so much more than what meets the eye. Add Redondo in your travel check-list to experience it yourself.

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Redondo Beach Pier

Choose to take a stroll along the pier or indulge in slurping sea-food sitting by the shore, the place will remind you of several films and television shows since it has been a popular shooting location since ages.

King Harbor Marina

Head to King Harbor for pretty awesome recreational activities. Seaside Lagoon situated here offers swimming, boating and fishing during summer. Do sneak around in the markets here, for, they are known for colorful souvenirs.

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Veterans Park

How about a picnic with beloveds on vast expanse of grass, overlooking an ocean? The memorial is built for local veterans with beautiful park is a must-visit.

Hopkins Wilderness Park

Love for hike, anyone? Hike through the wilderness of meadows, forests and water bodies stretched across 11-acre of mountain trails.

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Dominguez Park

Run, play and laugh along with family and your furry friends, for, the park has a dedicated dog park, a Heritage Court and two League Fields.

Moonstone Beach

Collect the colorful stones at the beach, believed to have been deposited by storms through the years. The stones can be used for beautiful jewellery after a polish. 

Jill Sanders Gallery

Seeking some real art in this low-key South Bay? The gallery, with Jill Sanders photography and oil paintings by Josh Serafin, is dipped in pure art.

Riviera Village

A go-to locale for shopping, food and fun. Be a part of the Summer Festival and annual Holiday Stroll; charming and joyous traditions of this village. 

A Basq Kitchen

Co-owner and chef Bernard has a tantalizing menu inspired from Basque country at this restaurant; a cuisine that is sure to make you come back the next time.