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7 Things to Do in Catalina Island

Shrutika Sinha Aug 20, 2019
Once a relaxing getaway for the Hollywood elites, the Santa Catalina Island has now become a vacation paradise for the Angelenos! Situated on the southwest of Los Angeles, the island is home to sandy beaches, scenic trails, and many other activities.

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You can reach this classy enclave by a high speed ferry from Long Beach, San Pedro or Dana point!
This island offers a refreshing retreat and you are bound to return to your hometown in greater awe for the myriad of thrills that this island provides(a bigger reason to admire the great Los Angeles!)

Be Breezy at the Descanso Beach Club!

It's an easy walk from the center of town. This beach club has a restaurant, a bar and sandy beach plus the spectacular view of the island's rugged terrain meeting the ocean!
A real party spot, it's a fancy beach club with upbeat music and drinks to get you grooving! With feet in the sand and drink in hand you can definitely forget all your worries and just relax! There are plenty of cabanas, lounges and booze points to choose from!
If you go out early in the morning, you can enjoy the beautiful sunlight on the ocean and get a click at a nice spot without any crowd around! The water is crystal clear and swimming here is delightful.

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Rent a Kayak

You could take a guided tour on a kayak. The Descanso water sports provides a number of fun activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and paddle boarding!

Take a Tour at the Catalina Casino

This masterpiece was built in 1949 and is the focal point of entertainment and culture on the Catalina Island. The most interesting fact about the Casino is that there's no gambling inside the iconic building.
The casino includes a theater and a ball room. You can buy tickets and take a tour of the whole casino! They will play a movie for you and you can gaze at the ceiling twinkling with numerous stars!

Ride a Golf Cart

The best way to cover the island is by riding a golf cart. Ride your own wheel and take a self-guided tour to explore a variety of landscapes. You can't get enough of the harbor views! They are so marvelous!
Driving itself is so much fun! And you won't get lost. There aren't many roads anyway! It's definitely a recommended way to get around town!

Catalina Island Museum

A small but interesting museum, this has numerous exhibits of pop stars of yesteryear. Exhibits of Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Chicago Cubs and Charlie Chaplin are sure to engage you.

Catalina's flying fish tour

The only place where you can actually see a fish fly! Really!
The flying fish tour has always amazed the visitors! The crew with its ultra powerful light system attracts the fish some 100 feet up the sea! Be careful. A fish might actually land in your lap!

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Go for Zip Line Eco Tour!

If you are an adventure seeker, this is your thing!
Zip-line across the harness above the Descanso beach and Catalina's landscape with a speed of 45 miles per hour and at a height of 300 ft to adore the ecological landscape, wildlife and much more! This experience is truly exhilarating!