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Destinations Worth Exploring: Wonderful Beaches of South Carolina

South Carolina Beaches
Are you feeling stressed out? Need a break? Then pack your bags and don't forget your swimsuits, because here is information on some great beaches in South Carolina that are sure to enchant you with their moderate swell and great surf.
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Last Updated: Jan 17, 2019
South Carolina was the 8th State to join the United States of America, with its capital being Columbia. It is located in the Southeastern quadrant and has a magnificent shoreline, with beaches that are washed up by the cool waters of the Atlantic ocean. The location and beauty of the state is aided by a very inviting, humid subtropical climate.
These have made the state a very popular tourist destination. The maximum rush of tourists can be seen on the sandy beaches bordering the Atlantic coast. A very significant characteristic of these beaches is the natural formation of bays.
The waves from the Atlantic and the location of the state on the North American peninsula have resulted in small bays that have various beaches located within them.
Myrtle Beach
Moving on to some prominent beaches, let us take a look at Myrtle Beach. A resort city, located in Horry County, it is actually a group of coastal towns, villages, and two resort complexes.
The city hosts about 14.6 million visitors annually, and the main attractions are the various golf courses, amusement parks, restaurants, and most important of all, surfing on the beautiful waves. The advantage of surfing here is that the waves have a medium range and a swell that is between 3 - 8 feet, which is challenging yet safe.
Folly Beach Pier
Another very good beach that you can go to, is the Folly Beach, which is located in Charleston County. The beach has an excellent swell strength and wave height, making it an ideal place to surf, the best among all the state's beaches. If you are visiting this place, then the historical Folly Island is also worth a visit.
Hilton Head, South Carolina, USA
If you are looking for some peace of mind, then we would recommend the Hilton Head Island. It is a town that is situated on the small island that bears the same name, and is a part of the Beaufort County.
This island has some excellent beaches with amazing natural treasures, that have been preserved by the local people. The three prominent creatures you will find here are the loggerhead sea turtle, snowy egret, and into the sea, the bottlenose dolphin. Apart from that, take a look at the many historical sites, or go fishing or boating in the calm waters.
The beaches of South Carolina are certainly welcoming, as they tend to take us away, mentally and physically, from the mad rush of our daily lives.