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Tap the Untapped Streets of Bushwick, Brooklyn

Ketki Dongare Jul 6, 2019
For graffiti and murals, or authentic cuisines that call out to New Yorkers from the other side, a trip to Bushwick is all you need to appreciate the soul and creativity the city holds.

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There's an industrial presence that enlightens the new Bushwick which has now become a hipster hood of Brooklyn.
New York's popularity for its abundant street art and music can be explored while on a stroll in Bushwick.

Adorn Bushwick's Street Art

One of the most colorful and vibrant hood of the City, Bushwick has definitely turned heads around with tons of grand street art and murals.
The Bushwick Collective, an outdoor art gallery showcases some of the iconic graffities and murals. 

Call yourself lucky if you come across an artist in action!

Go Bar Hopping!

Once an epicenter for making beer, Bushwick still has a plenty of abandoned breweries turned into local gastros and bars. Hangout and chill with a beer or two in this hipster hub town.

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Gulp down some fresh brews of Bushwick at the Hobs and Hocks or Dromedary Bar.

Bushwick's Menu-festa!

Head to Roberta's, a local popular restaurant with a familial dining featuring wooden interiors, rooftop garden seating, and locally sourced dishes.

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Local Insight: Gorge on Roberta's famous wood-fired pizzas.

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Spend Time in the Community Park

Relax in the Maria Hernandez Park on a sunny day along with the locals. Skateboard, play basketball, and lounge around!

How About a Dinner Date and Movies?

Bushwick for one, is constantly pushing the envelop with innovative and unique business ideas! Syndicated Bar Theater Kitchen is one such idea combining eating, drinking, and movies!

An Opportunity for Upcoming Artists at NURTUREart

A neighborhood that believes a great deal in art, endlessly encourages young and upcoming artists, art curators, and students with a space for showcasing art.

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Conclude With the City View!

Board on the M at Central avenue and travel into the city with the best views of the Manhattan Skyline.