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Take a Look at This List of Utterly Magical Texan Wildflowers

Poushali Ganguly Sep 24, 2019
The wildflowers of Texas are well-known for their sheer beauty and vibrant colors. In this post, let's take a peek into the world of some of these gorgeous flowers and learn a little something about them.
Texas wildflowers come in an array of diverse colors and these colors are maintained throughout the year because a lot of species are perennial. These flowers are not region-specific and bloom all across the state.
There are more than 5000 species of flowering plants and most of these have adapted to the weather conditions of the state. Here we will discuss the various wildflowers, the places that they grow in and the conditions that are suitable for them.
Albino Paintbrush is a species of the Texas Paintbrush. It grows in various colors from white to purple and is quite a rare flower that cannot be spotted easily.
Bull Nettle is a part of the Spurge family and the tree is covered with stiff hair-like structures. These flowers are such that they grow in groups and spread all across the land that they grow in. They cover the whole area with a white cover when they blossom together.
Prairie Larkspur is a flowering plant that belongs to the Crowfoot family. These flowers are white or light blue in color. The stem of the flower does not branch out and can grow up to sixty inches in height though not often. Some peculiar feature is; that the sepals of this flower have a projecting spur.
The number of petals in the flower is four and they from a cluster shaped structure at the center of the flower. These flowers grow at the apex of the stem and are considered to be poisonous to animals that eat them. They bloom from April to July.
Horse Crippler is also known as the Devil's Head and is a kind of cactus which lives up to its name of being a "horse crippler". Many horses have been crippled when they stamped on the cactus blossom as it grows hardly an inch or two above the ground. The blossom blooms in a beautiful pink and has a feathery appearance, which makes it look really enchanting.
Bluebonnets are the most commonly found wildflowers in Texas, so much so that they are the official state flower of Texas. They grow in huge numbers in the fields of Texas from March to April.

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The blooming of Bluebonnets depends on the winter rains and warm spring weather. These flowers grow in clusters and the blue of these flowers is really charismatic.
So these are some of the flowers, which adorn the fields of Texas. There are many more like the Agaves, Chocolate flower, American Lotus, Beach Morning Glory and Daisy. There are flowers like the Mexican Gold Poppy, Desert Marigold and Coreopsis which are available in shades of yellow.
There are red blossoms like the Mountain Pink, Redbud Tree, Pitaya and the Lantana. The list has more than five thousand flowers, out of which these are ones that caught my attention.