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The Ultimate Guide to Robbers Cave State Park, Oklahoma

Priya Johnson Jul 11, 2019
Robbers Cave State Park is an 8,246-acre park, nestled in the Sans Bois Mountains of southeast Oklahoma. Encompassing the famous Robbers Cave, forests, cliffs, lakes, and trails, the park is ideal for camping and offers all kinds of outdoor activities for nature and adventure lovers.

Robbers Cave: Park’s Main Attraction

Robbers Cave is infamous for being the alleged hiding place for Old West outlaws like Jesse James and Belle Starr. The cave’s natural environment and positioning made it ideal hiding place for bandits and robbers.

Perfect Hideout

This cave is situated on a huge rock formation; perfect vantage point allowing thieves to keep a lookout for approaching people. The secret exit of the cave enabled robbers to swiftly exit the cave in case of an ambush.
The natural stone corral at the base of the cliff provided safe haven for their horses. 

Robbers Cave even had fresh water springs for continuous water supply.

Hiking Along the Trails

There are several hiking trails for both beginners and veteran hikers, most popular of which are the Rough Canyon Trail, Cave Trail, Stone Corral Trail, etc. A great way to explore the park and enjoy the natural landscape.

Rappelling and Climbing on the Cliffs

The park’s sandstone-shale, rugged, rocky cliffs are excellent for rock climbing and rappelling. The park rents out the necessary equipment and the essential training required.

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Fishing, Kayaking, and Canoeing at the Three Lakes

Lake Carlton, Lake Wayne Wallace, and Coon Creek Lake are the three lakes within the State Park.
Trout fishing is a popular activity here, along with kayaking and canoeing. All the equipment required for these activities can be rented at the park.

Equestrian Trails and Stables

The park houses ranches that offer a whole cowboy experience for equestrian enthusiasts.

On guided trail rides, you can explore the park and at the same time enjoy a horseback-riding adventure on the historic trails that the outlaws once rode on.


This state park provides different camping facilities to suit everyone’s liking. You can rent an RV, book a cabin or even enjoy camping in a tent.

Ride on the Belle Starr Express

Named after the infamous robber, Belle Starr, this miniature train takes you on a 30-minute ride across the park.

It’s a fun activity with kids and a wonderful way to relax and soak in the scenic view and atmosphere of the park.