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Things to Do at The Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Swarali Jambhale May 3, 2019
A 52 acre botanical garden in the heart of Brooklyn! Originally designed by brothers - Frederick Jr. and John Charles Olmsted (sons of Prospect and Central Park designer Frederick Law Olmsted), this land is now one of the city's most ravishing gardens!
Founded in 1910, Brooklyn Botanic Garden is located in the Mount Prospect Park, next to the Prospect Park and Brooklyn Museum. This land includes “gardens within the garden” with massive plant collections and the Steinhardt Conservatory – that houses the C.V Starr Bonsai Museum.
With so much of variation, this garden also has three climate-themed pavilions, a white cast-iron, a glass aquatic plant house and an art gallery! So, there’s a lot to explore in this nature-filled land!
Accounting to over 14,000 taxa of plants and almost 900,000 visitors every year, this garden is completely pledged to conservation and education as it is to inspiration!


A Garden Shop is situated at 990 Washington Avenue, near the Visitor Center. The shop has all that you need with its signature items like the Garden’s distinctive logo and products featuring the artwork of Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Florilegium Society. Members of the garden benefit a 10% discount!


Visitors here can enjoy contemporary vegetable packed cuisines in the Yellow Magnolia Cafe and just snacks at the Yellow Magnolia Canteen. Members again get a 10% discount on dining purchases!


This 52 acres of land endorses 16 world-class indoor and outdoor gardens along with iconic architecture, making it a much desired location for photography and film projects! Abiding by the garden’s rules and photo policies, visitors are allowed to click personal photographs in the public area.

Track the Blooms and Blossoms!

The blooms, festivals and special events occur throughout the year! With such a vast array of flora, the blossom gratifies the visitors for the whole of the year. Like the “Cherry Blossom” there are tens of thousands of flowers blooming at once that give your eyes a visual treat!
This gorgeous oasis of trees and flowers in Brooklyn is undoubtedly a must visit place in New York! So, grab a map and relish through the exuberant view of the flora and treasure your memories for life! Go through this link to dive deep into the details of this garden and plan a day out there.