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Things to Do in Austin, Texas

Things to Do in Austin, Texas

One visit to Austin, Texas and you'll see why it is one of the most exciting destinations in the USA. Read the UStravelia article to get in-depth information about the place.
Sheetal Mandora
Being the state's capital, Austin is the fourth largest city that receives thousands of visitors each year. It is home to many universities, the famous Capitol building, alluring culture, and a variety of counterculture. These qualities have always attracted tourists from different parts of United States and across the world to explore the city.

Attractions you Simply Can't Miss

Zilker Botanical Garden
  • A 22-acre park near the border of Barton Spring Road.
  • It's made up of different gardens-rose, cactus and succulent, herb and fragrance, prehistoric, azalea, butterfly and Taniguchi, and xeriscape gardens.
  • Taniguchi Garden has a Japanese landscape with a peaceful atmosphere that has lily ponds, waterfalls, wooden bridges, and running streams.
  • The admission at Zilker Botanical Garden is free, and is open to public 7 days a week.
  • The lush and peaceful gardens provide an escape for locals and visitors amid the city itself.
Barton Springs Pool
  • It's a must-visit attraction during summer which is open year-round; the maintains a constant 68ºF throughout the year.
  • It is ideal for sunbathing as the pool has grassy hillsides and moss-covered rocks.
  • Locals claim that the pool caters a 100% natural swimming experience because the water has no chlorine in it.
  • All around the pool, you'll find diving boards, play area for kids (besides the actual pool), concession stands, and restrooms.
  • Admission fee: Adults - USD 3.00, Kids (12-17 yrs) - USD 2.00, and Kids (under 11 yrs) - USD 1.00
Texas State Capitol
  • A patriotic symbol for the state and country, The Capitol Building was opened in the year 1888. It still remains one of the most popular sites for tourists every year.
  • The Capitol gives a glimpse of the old 22 acres of beautiful lush lawns, 17 stunning monuments, and state-of-the-art historical buildings.
  • Every 15 minutes, there are free guided tours available from the south entrance foyer.
Mount Bonnell
  • Visit Mount Bonnell which was opened to public in the year 1850.
  • The highest point in the city, it stretches till 775 feet and provides a wonderful location for romantic picnics for couples.
  • The magnificent height caters to beautiful scenery of Lake Austin and the downtown.
  • You can hike up the trail on large stone steps.
Austin Duck Adventures
  • This is a 45-minute one-of-a-kind amphibious military landing vehicle tour.
  • It highlights major spots around downtown, the State Capitol, the LBJ Presidential Library, the Governor's Mansion, and many more places.
  • The guide (who will also be the bus driver) also provides a glimpse of the city's history. Open except Monday and Tuesday, the tour is a great way to know the insides of the city.
The List Isn't Complete Yet
  • Saint Mary's Cathedral
  • Esther's Follies (magic and musical-comedy troupe)
  • The Paramount & Stateside Theatres (oldest theater in town)
  • Mexic-Arte Museum (Mexican American Fine Arts Museum)
  • Stubb's Bar-B-Q (Barbeque/live music venue)
  • The Thinkery (Austin Children's Museum)
  • Cypress Valley Canopy Tours (Eco-adventure from high treetops)
  • Town Lake (10.1-mile hike and bike trails)
  • The University of Texas (largest public university in US)
  • Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum (100+ sculptures)
  • Electric Cars Of Austin (2-hour tour of Austin's interesting locations)
  • Peter Pan Mini Golf (two 18-hole courses)
  • Austin Ghost Tours (real ghost stories)
People in Texas are considered as laid-back, fun, and energetic. Make your next vacation filled with fun and adventure as there are oodles of things to do here. From world-renowned festivals to more than 200 live music venues, Austin, Texas definitely is the place to see.