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Things to Do in Grand Junction, Colorado

The Great Grand Junction welcomes you in the Western Slope.
Yogeshwari Bhor Sep 7, 2019

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Colorado National Monument

The bold beauty is the perfect setting to dive deeper into geology, ecology, & cultural history. Visit the Saddlehorn Visitor Center, which is full of maps, brochures, and educational exhibits.

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You can go hiking, rock climbing & cycling along the Rim Rock Drive. The designated camping areas here are Devils Kitchen and Saddlehorn.

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Adventure at Your Pace

Gaze the beautiful fruit orchards and vineyards in Palisade while riding. The hybrid/electric bikes are available, so pick one as per your comfort.

River Rafting Adventure

Get ready for some thrill & raft in the green river at the popular rafting destination, the Yampa River. You can book your Colorado rafting adventure with various tours available.

The Children’s Nature Center

It houses over 120 unique living creatures. Highlight of the place : Children can get interactive exhibits of the wildlife and the environment.

Tiara Rado Golf Course

You can have an exceptional golfing experience with nature at its best. Try your hand at this interesting game here.

Grand Junction Motor Speedway

This is one of the best kart racing tracks in the U.S. The tracks are exciting, including a Supercross track, a mud Dragway, and a rally cross track.

Wineries at Grand Junction

There are many individual wineries here and it includes the highest-altitude vineyards in the U.S. The best time to visit the annual Colorado Mountain Winefest is late March to May.

Kannah Creek Brewing Company

The company crafts their beer using the pure, untouched snow-melt waters of the Kannah Creek. Enjoy the taste of American food, served along.

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Great Food

Exploring the food tours of Grand Junction is mesmerising. The Bin 707, Dream Cafe, 626 on Rood, and Cafe Sol they all have diverse and delious food to offer.

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Glenwood Springs

Spend some time soaking in the Hot Springs Lodge & Pool, a rejuvenating experience. Hanging Lake and the Adventure Park are the best attractions here.

Colorado Riverfront Trail

A perfect place for nature lovers. A variety of birds & animals can be spotted while walking or hiking on the beautiful Riverfront Trail.

Western Colorado Botanical Gardens

A best place for nature lover. The exotic orchids, bananas and chili peppers are found in the Rainforest Garden. And the variety of animals are seen here.

Little Book Cliffs

A few miles from Grand Junction this place is worth a visit. The wild horses are the attraction of the place. The best time to spot them is early morning and late afternoon.

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Museums of Western Colorado

Learn the history by walking in the Native American Gallery, Dinosaur Journey, Cross Orchard, Paleontology research, Fruitadens, Uranium Mine.