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Things to Do in Holland, Michigan

Vinam Pachkhede Sep 24, 2019
Located on the shores of two lakes - Michigan and Macatawa, Holland is an outpost of Dutch culture and tradition. The city boasts of small town charm with big city amenities that provides outdoor adventure and eye-catching flowers everywhere.

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Holland Princess Boat Ride

Tour through lake Macatawa and lake Michigan on board this elegant 65' Victorian style paddle-wheel river boat. Enjoy dinner with karaoke.

Cappon and Settlers House

The houses now turned into museums, show the difference in the standard of living of the upper class and the working class of Holland's earliest settlers.

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Windmill Island Gardens

Witness the 250+ year old authentic Dutch DeZwaan windmill and learn the milling process. 

Tunnel Park

Cross the tunnel going through a dune and enter this beautiful lake-front garden. Play at the dune climb, dune stairway and sand volleyball court.

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Big Red Lighthouse

Climb up the Mt. Pisgah, a dune towering 157 ft above sea level, to get the picturesque view of the Big Red Lighthouse.

Nelis' Dutch Village

This place takes you 100 years back to explore the happy Dutch village that offers dutch dancing, petting zoo, a theme park, and much more.

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Veldheer Tulip Gardens

Visit this tulip farm that has been the highlight of Holland since 1950. 
Also, attend the internationally acclaimed 'Tulip Time Festival', held during spring. 

Holland Museum

Run through Holland’s history through the exhibits showcasing the dutch settlement, horrifying fire of 1871, and much more.

Try Out the Local Brews

There are tons of local breweries, microbreweries, brewpubs even wineries serving hand-made cider, spirits, cocktails, wines.

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Holland State Park

Enjoy exciting activities like volleyball, surfing, camping, or just go picnicking.

Devour at the Downtown Restaurants

You will encounter a strip of restaurants along the lake Macatawa and Michigan serving Irish, Bavarian, and Dutch cuisine.