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Things to Do in Lexington, Kentucky

Ishwari Pamu Jun 29, 2019
Nobody does bourbon and million-dollar thoroughbreds like our fellow Kentuckians but there’s more to Lexington than just that. In addition to horse farms, race courses and bourbon distilleries, it has numerous other historical, natural and heritage attractions that you need to visit.

Keeneland Race Course

You can try your luck on the horses during one of the races held at this historic horse racing arena.
Tour the racecourse, take a look at the indoor facilities or head over early to catch the horses in action during the practice runs.

Kentucky Horse Park

It’s an open-to-public horse farm that’s been functioning since 1978. Visitors can tour the stables and admire around 50 breeds of common, rare and exotic horses from all over the world.
It also houses the International Museum of the Horse. Its 1,224 acres of land is dedicated to "man's relationship with the horse”.

Horse Farm Tour

Horse Farm Tours give you a chance to interact with racehorses at their own home and enjoy the scenic beauty of the farms. You can visit farms throughout Lexington with these tours, all you have to do is book one.

Raven Run Nature Sanctuary

Spanning across 734 acres, it’s located on the outskirts of downtown Lexington. The sanctuary has endless rolling green horse farms, a free yoga program and 10 miles of hiking trails. It’s an excellent knoll to stop at, and experience nature at it’s best.

Drink! Drink! Drink!

Kentucky, where there are more barrels of bourbon than people, offers Bourbon Trails that let you tour and try the bourbon from the distilleries. Lexington lets you explore some of the state’s best working distilleries.

Aviation Museum of Kentucky

Spread over 20,000 sq. ft., it's loaded with just about everything from Tomcats, F-4 Phantoms, AH-1 Cobra copters, older restored aircrafts to many other operational aircrafts.
The museum also holds the Kentucky Aviation Hall of Fame that recognizes the bravehearts on the field.

Waveland State Historic Site

Also known as the Joseph Bryan Estate, this Doric style building gives us a glimpse of the plantation era.
You can tour the interiors, an old icehouse, the slaves’ quarters and a southern smokehouse which still stand intact.

Downtown Lexington

Indulge yourself in delightful dining in restaurants where the food is to die for (especially the meats).
Explore parks, art museums, mural, historic buildings and bask in the warm friendly vibe, “the city in the park” provides.