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Places to Visit in Oklahoma City

Priya Johnson Sep 26, 2019
Oklahoma City has lots of interesting places to visit such as museums, water parks, canals, etc. Here are some of the things you can do while visiting this wonderful city.

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Oklahoma City, the capital of the Oklahoma state is not only the largest city in Oklahoma, but is also one of the largest cities in the United States. This city was founded during the Land Run event of 1889.
Situated in the Frontier Country region of Central Oklahoma and the southern plains of North America, the city is a perfect blend of a modern spirited environment and traditional western heritage. There are several things one can do in this city, and tourists will find ample ways to keep themselves occupied throughout their visit.

Oklahoma City Attractions

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Science Museum Oklahoma

The Science Museum Oklahoma (earlier known as Omniplex) is a museum that is brimming with one adventure after another. It houses over eight-acres of hands-on science exhibits and thousands of space, aviation, and cultural artifacts. The museum features many new exhibits, live entertainment shows, and a Planetarium.
Kids Space is an area that features plenty of activities designed for children below the age of six. The Dome theater features a 70-foot screen, and heart-pounding digital sound that provides a one-of-a-kind IMAX film experience. The International Gymnastics Hall of Fame and the Red Earth museum are also housed here.

Bricktown Canal

Bricktown canal is a must-visit tourist spot. This canal has been roughly modeled after the San Antonio's River Walk, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city. This is a man-made canal and runs through the historic Bricktown district.
It also offers boat rides, which are locally known as water taxis. The water taxi drivers are very helpful in educating tourists about the history of this famous canal. Moreover, during Christmas, there are horse carriage rides available for hire as well. At venues like Bricktown Ballroom, you will find several musicians to entertain your musical side.

White Water Bay Water Park

This water park is a great way to beat the city's brutal heat with its exciting rides, such as Acapulco Cliff Dive, Cannonball Falls, Bermuda Triangle, the Big Kahuna family tube ride, Pirate's Plunge, etc. Children have their own section called the Kids Kove, and for those not fond of fast-moving rides, there is a tranquil inner tube down the lazy river.

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Oklahoma City National Memorial

One of America's darkest days in history, before the September 11 attack, was April 19, 1995, when the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was bombed, killing 168 people and injuring 680. This memorial-cum-museum, was created to honor all those who were injured and killed in the bombing.

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Visitors are educated about the impact of this act of violence, and also told about various inspiring stories, drawn from the lives of those affected by the tragedy. The memorial features 168 empty chairs, one for each person killed.
The most touching and heart-rending thing to see is the part of the fence left over from the makeshift memorial, that stood here for 5 years. On it, one will find numerous photos, letters, flowers, etc., left behind by the survivors and visitors.

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National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

This museum is the best place to visit if one wants to explore the great American West. This 2,20,000 square foot museum was opened in 1955, with the purpose of honoring the American cowboys.
Initially called the Cowboy Hall of Fame, this museum features thousands of paintings, artifacts, photographs and hundreds of sculptures from the Old West. One can also see the largest collection of contemporary western artists, including painting of the well-known Frederick Remington.
These were some of the best tourist attractions in Oklahoma city. The city offers a plethora of other interesting places such as the Frontier City Theme Park, Penn Square Mall, Old Paris Flea Market, 45th Infantry Division Museum, Martin Park Nature Center, and much more. So, make a trip to this amazing city and enjoy all that it has to offer.