Things to do in Long Island

There are plenty of things to do in Long Island, in case you're wondering what to do over the weekend that you've decided to visit there. Read this article for some ideas and decide what appeals to you the most.
Long Island is definitely one of the best places to visit in New York. It has a wide range of activities to offer for the average tourist or a family looking for just a weekend getaway. From beaches to museums, from cruises to adventure sports, Long Island has it all. Let us take a look at what are the most popular things to do for kids and adults alike. So get out your pen and paper, and get planning!
Main Beach
Main Beach
One thing that you absolutely cannot miss in Long Island are its beaches. Well, that is kind of difficult, given it is an island. Spend a glorious day on the beaches. Enjoy sports like surfing, kayaking, and scuba diving. Sign up for the lessons a day in advance. And if you're apprehensive about surfing, go in for a less scary activity involving canoes, paddle boats, kite boards, etc. Take in the salty ocean wind at gorgeous beaches like the Fire Ireland, Long Beach, Main Beach, and Jones Beach. The white sands, and the chilly, clear blue water are mesmerizing to look at. But the main attraction is definitely, the water sports. So, don't miss out on those!
Long Island, is the upmarket suburban area of New York city. It is a welcome break from the maddening hustle and bustle of the city life. With the breathtaking museums like the African-American Museum, Amityville Historical Society, Lauder Museum, Bohemia Historical Society Museum, Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum, etc., you have one very interesting day planned for you to go museum gazing! Go back in time and appreciate the history that has been captured in these museums.
Another very exciting thing to do is visit the numerous amusement parks! Yes, a perfect way to make your kids happy, isn't it? Choose from parks like Adventurland, Bayville Adventure Park, Chuck E Cheese, Diamond Back Paintball Field, Drossos Tick Tock Miniature Golf, Fun Zone, Laser Kingdom, etc. Adventure sports, paintball fighting, mini golfing! Ah! That's the life! Let your kids have a blast visiting these amusement parks, while you go visit the museums.
One thing that you cannot leave out is some fabulous antiques. With the wide range of varieties and large number of antique stores on this island, you will not be able to resist the temptation of slipping into one of them and buying yourself an ancient wonder. Here are a few of the stores that you can think of paying a visit to.
  • A Touch of Antique
  • A Renaissance Room
  • Ada's Attic
  • Almost Antiques
  • House of Charms Antiques
  • Jesse's Antiques and Collectibles 
The Big Duck
The Big Duck
The Big Duck
How can you imagine visiting Long Island and not visiting this wonderful place. Inspired by the practice of duck farming that was prevalent earlier (though there still are some), this building was built in the shape of a 'big duck', complete with beak and wings. Though it no longer sells ducks, the structure is hard to ignore, and hence is a major attraction for tourists. Collect Big Duck souvenirs and give them to your friends back home!
Vineyard on Long Island
Vineyard on Long Island
You can plan a romantic wine tasting weekend with your girlfriend by visiting some of the best vineyards and wineries on Long Island. They have their own vodka distilleries and wine tasting rooms. Begin with a breakfast watching the sunrise, followed by a sumptuous lunch, and then go wine tasting at any of the following vineyards.
  • Ackerley Pond Vineyard
  • Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard
  • Corey Creek Vineyards
  • Duck Wall North
  • Croteaux Vineyard
  • The Grapes of Roth
  • John Harvard's Brew House
Apart from these activities, if you're looking for some romantic things to do at night, you can take a cruise that offers you a lovely dinner on board while watching the stunning sunset! So, there you have it. A whole lot of things that you can do on Long Island! Enjoy your time there!