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Things You Must Do to Enjoy the Atlanta Nightlife, Georgia

Nupur Lakhe Aug 13, 2019
Atlanta offers a very vibrant nightlife. Apart from the various bars, breweries and dive bars there are places where you can spend a fun night admiring the city with its million twinkling lights.

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Enjoy a casual game of golf from the heights of an arcadia built especially to enjoy a game in closed premises and during night with generous servings of drinks and snacks.

Movie time!

Catching up on a movie is a good idea as there are many movie shows which run late at night.

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Georgia Aquarium

Spend the night under the sea at Georgia aquarium. Enroll yourself for the nighttime activities, shows and behind the scene tours.

Midtown Bowl

Enjoy a game of Bowling at this huge bowling arcade exposing you to a full bar and food options.

Desta Ethiopian Kitchen

"Desta" means Happiness. Indulge in a Ethiopian cuisine at this famous eatery which is bound to make you happy and feel hearty.

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Cafe Intermezzo

One of the top Atlanta Late-Night spots to go to for a steaming cup of European coffee. It is always bustling with people and you might want to reserve yourself a table beforehand.

Graveyard Tavern

This place has got you covered for the night. Catch up on drinks after a night of live music or a late night round of pool.

Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium

Known by locals simply as church this is a popular dive-bar. It is adorned with velvet paintings, religious folk art and vintage church signs . Make sure you try their signature drink- Spiritual Sangria.
Some famous dive bars to sway your night are - The Earl and the Clermont Lounge. Dark Horse Tavern is a must visit bar place.

Havana Club

It is ranked as one of Atlanta's top nightclubs. The club provides a Cuban vibe with cedar wood humidors and exotic cigars.


This place is famous for its award winning Cosmopolitan drink.


The vibrant club which is famous for its themed party nights, among locals and tourists alike. It was named one of the top five nightclubs in the nation by the Nightclub and Bar Association.

Must Visit Beer Places

Crunch your late night beer cravings with these famous beer places in Atlanta. Wrecking Bar Brewpub, The Porter Beer Bar, Brick Store Pub, Argosy and Ormsby to name a few.

Joystick Gamebar

Bring forward the sport in you and have an enthusiastic night playing games at this adventurous game-bar. Have a fun game and drinks night out here.

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North-Side Tavern is a low key live music place with budding artists and singers who perform for the crowd.

Uptown Comedy Corner

The basement theater and comedy club perfect for a night when you have exhausted yourself trying the bars and just want to chill with some good humor.

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SkyView Atlanta

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A Ferris wheel in the Centennial Park provides the scenic view of Atlanta skyline at night with million lights twinkling in the night.