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Top 5 Interesting Things to Do in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

Azmin Taraporewala Jul 23, 2019
Brighton beach, located in Brooklyn, New York boasts of clean sands and breathtaking views. Do pay a visit to gift yourself a peaceful stroll along the promenade.

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Brighton Beach from Coney Island, New York

1. Drool over the Delec-(table)-s!

From specialty food markets to Russian restaurants, Brighton beach Avenue serves it all ... and how! For authentic Russian cuisine, dine-in at Skovorodka. Step into the Tatiana Grill, that stands true to taste buds for bringing their coastal flair to the table.
Visit the Ocean View cafe for quality classics, like blintzes and beef stroganoff. Ah! those flavors that melt in your mouth..!!

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2. Shop till You Drop!

Love going on shopping sprees? Here's your ticket to splash out! Visit Kalinka - a veritable treasure trove of malachite jewelry, delightful matreshkas, and quaint Russian souvenirs.
Browse though the St. Petersburg bookstore for Russian-oriented books, music, and keepsakes. In the name of sardonic pleasure, pick a t-shirt or two with a cheeky, lowbrow slogan! FUNlimited!

3. Get Steamy at a Russian Schvitz!

Experience Russian bathe at Mermaid Spa for relaxing spa treatments in soothing steam rooms. Gravesend Neck Road of Brooklyn pampers you with some best spa facilities.
Visit the Sandoony USA for revitalizing spa services, a luxurious pool, and an exclusive XO bar and grill, for a truly euphoric experience.

4. Watch a Floor Show to Get Floored!

Nothing gets better than this ... when you have a lavish Russian banquet accompanied with an exciting floor show.
The National Restaurant and Nightclub brings to the table, ace performers with a million costume changes you can't keep up with! The music and dance performances are magnificent.
The Tatiana Restaurant boasts of serving one of the finest Russian banquets and a brisk, yet dense floor show of fire acts and acrobatics to go along with.

Reserve your tables for THE SHOW -- performed every Friday and on weekends. This glamorous spectacle is much more than a pageant of elaborate tiaras and ostrich feathers! Go watch!

5. Attend a Stellar Concert that Steals Your Heart!

For unmissable Russian performances, head to the Master Theater -- formerly known as the Millennium theater.
This multi-profile platform has staged the finesse of great artists, like Ray Charles, Vladimir Spivakov, and Yuri Abramovich Bashmet, with spirit and brio. Each performance is a virtuoso tour de force!

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Lastly, spruce yourself up with an R&R at the Brighton beach. After all the fun and frolic we all need to cool off, don't we? Flip-flops and dollops of sunscreen ... here I come!