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Top 5 Places for Paddle Boarding in Florida

Joe Parker Aug 20, 2019
If you like paddle boarding and also, if you live in Florida, then you are really in great luck. The reason is that Florida is full of beautiful places for paddle boarding.

Destin Harbor

Destin has clear still waters that's ideal for paddle boarding enthusiasts. But it has more than a good body of water for paddlers.
The exciting nightlife is also the main attraction for tourists. You are also likely to spot wildlife like alligators in one of the many bayous in Destin, FL.


Islamorada includes six islands in the south of Florida. The place is filled with various kinds of marine lives. If you want a somewhat unique paddle boarding experience, this would be the ideal location since there's a high chance you'll spot trunkfish, sharks and stingrays.

Miami Beach

The coastline of Miami Beach is the perfect place for beginners. The water's calm and crystal clear. Other than going paddle boarding, there's also the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens worth visiting.

Bahia Honda State Park

The Bahia Honda State Park is rather remote compared to other popular sites. If you want to have a quiet and alone time on your stand up paddle board, this is the place to be.
The view of the sunset is just magnificent. It also has a variety of wild lives like shorebirds and manatees.

Ten Thousand Islands

Ten Thousand Islands, as its name suggests, consist of hundreds of mangrove islets. One day is probably not enough for exploration, you may consider camping for one night and continue the exploration the next day.
If you decide to go camping, make sure your SUP board is big enough for your belongings.