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Top 6 Lakes in North America to Paddle Board On

Joe Parker May 30, 2019
Paddle boarding is a popular water sport now and quiet places like a lake are an ideal location for such kind of recreational activity. Check out the top 6 lakes you can go paddle boarding on in North America here.

Lake Mead, Nevada

The first of the top 6 lakes to paddle on to be introduced is The Lake Mead which was formed as a result of the construction of Hoover Dam on River Colorado more than eight decades ago and provides 112 miles of watery delight to savor.
You can enjoy unraveling the crucial chapters of the past that the dam holds within its walls.

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Lake Tahoe, California

Holding the world title of the deepest, largest, and clearest alpine lake, Tahoe is sandwiched between Nevada and California and gives major oceans a run for their money.
With endless miles of glass-esque backdrops and cool water temperatures made so by a constantly cool climate, it is as if this lake was meant for the sole purpose of the sport.

Maligne Lake, Canada

Located 27 miles south of Jasper town and nestled between snow-laden peaks and vivacious greenery, Maligne is simply breathtaking.
An adventure-riddled journey across the wildlife-imbued Jasper National Park means that there's never a dull moment on the water hence why it is perfect for SUP.

Lost Lake, Colorado

Unadulterated nature takes occupancy of the untamed lands in the vicinity splendidly complimenting the tranquil waters with the youthful green of new vegetation.
Alluring mountain ranges battle for residence with the domineering plant life nicely rounding off a landscape devoid of modern interference.

Jenny Lake, Wyoming

This glacial lake is famous for SUP thanks largely to an out worldly scenery of towering peaks peering into the clouds and gentle waters nonchalantly coursing underneath.
Its location at the core of Grand Teton National Park puts several climbing routes, picturesque boat rides and hiking trails at your fingertips.

Fremont Lake, Wyoming

Fremont Lake is well known for its impeccable aesthetics. A theme of well-kempt nature reverberates throughout in a lake that has become synonymous with highly-coveted annual celebrations such as the Big Fish Ice Derby and the Sailing Regatta.
That's it for our list but other great lakes for paddle boarding also include the idyllic Lake Bled in Slovenia, France's Sainte-Croix Lake which is actually great for beginners, and the wondrous Lake Bohinj also in Slovenia.
If you happen to live around one of those lakes, just grab your paddle board and head out for a nice day of paddle boarding.