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Tourist Attractions in Texas

Tourist Attractions in Texas
Some of the famous tourist attractions in Texas comprise the San Antonio river walk, Austin steam train, Houston's Space center, the Old Red Court House in Dallas, etc. Texas is a state charmed with beauty and friendly folks, making it a perfect place to spend a vacation!
Priya Johnson
Located in South Central United States, Texas is the second largest state in the US, after Alaska. Comprising 215 cities, Texas houses three of the most populous cities in the US: Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. Texas is truly a wonderful place to visit. It not only leaves you mesmerized by its sensational tourist attractions but also fills your heart with unexplainable warmth and joy radiated by the love that the friendly Texans shower upon you. In fact, the word Texas stems from the word 'teysha', which means 'hello friend' in the language of the Caddo Indian tribes.
Texas is also nicknamed 'Beef State', due to all the cattle ranching and beef production in the state. There are scores of tourist attractions in Texas waiting to be explored. However, since Texas is such a vast state, it is not possible to cover all popular tourist attractions there.
Capital of the state of Texas, Austin is a picturesque city with hills, valleys and lakes adorning it. With 70% of Texas population living within 200 miles of Austin, this metropolitan city has a population of 700,000. One interesting tourist destination in Austin is the historic journey aboard Austin steam train. The 66 mile round-trip from Cedar Park to Burnet, is a great way to enjoy the rivers and ranches of Texas Hill Country.
You could visit either of the three popular lakes in the city: Lady bird lake, Lake Austin or Lake Travis and have an enchanting time thereby indulging in all the swimming, water-skiing and boating activities. Or else if you like the outdoors, then Barton Creek Greenbelt offers 7.8 miles of natural surface hiking and biking trails for you. Some of the finest golf courses hail from this city. In fact, Austin holds the title of being the nation's no. 1 golf destination, so obviously this city is paradise for golf enthusiasts.
Named after the late President of Texas, General Sam Houston, this city is popular for its burgeoning rails and waterways. Houston's no. 1 tourist destination is no doubt the 'Houston Space Center', wherein one can experience the feel of being in space, with the low gravity of the moon simulated for you to enjoy! Another popular destination in Houston, Galveston is located on an island, which is 50 miles southeast of Houston. It's a perfect weekend getaway with lovely beaches, great restaurants and lodging. You could also visit the Houston Zoo, Lake Houston State Park, Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston children's museum, etc.
San Antonio
If you visit San Antonio, you just have to visit the San Antonio river walk. This urban sanctuary is a network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio river. It meanders graciously under bridges and is a happening place, bustling all the time with fun, entertainment and excitement. There are restaurants, shops, nightclubs and live entertainment along the river walk.
Moreover, you won't want to miss Alamo Mission in San Antonio, built by the Spanish Empire with an intriguing history to its credit. Over 2.5 million tourists visit this place every year. San Antonio also hosts one of the best zoo's in the US, with the 35 acre campus housing over 3,500 animals of 600 species. Moreover, you could also take a hot air balloon ride and have a bird's-eye view of the city or could visit the water parks and museums in the city.
These were just some tourist attractions from 3 cities of all 215 cities. The state of Texas has a lot more to offer. Each city is unique in its own way with its own special features and attractions. While considering a location for a holiday, do consider Texas. You are sure to enjoy it.