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Unlimited Fun Things to Do in Lincoln, Nebraska

Ketki Dongare Sep 19, 2019
Holding one of the greatest American State Capitol, Lincoln is far more a scenic city filled with wealthy cultural and political influence, museums showcasing the deep rooted history, and major tourist attractions right in the heart of the city. Experience the best of the best of Lincoln!

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Nebraska State Capitol

Learn about the different people and cultures of the America, that have called Nebraska their home.

Sunken Gardens

With 3 set of gardens: Healing Garden, Perennial Garden and the Annual Garden, all having varied themes, find the right spot for you to relax and calm the mind. One can even have a wedding under the golden dome!

Governor’s Residence

Take a self guided tour of the Georgian Colonial mansion, the grounds of the house, and the architectural influence of the overall mansion that is of state importance.

Historic Haymarket District

The entertainment hub right in the heart of the city, is one stop into the local life of Lincoln’s people that everyone must explore. Great restaurants, window shopping, street food, you name it and you get it!

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Pioneers Park Nature Center

A short drive from downtown Lincoln, will take you to the prairie and wetlands amid bison, deer, birds, ample ponds and lakes, and all the nature's best. A place worth a visit with kids!

Museum of American Speed

The thrill-seeking adventure for all those who love need for speed and everything fast and furious awaits you. The museum will take you on an American automotive historic journey.

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Lincoln Children’s Museum

Make sure to take your kids to the museum that offers fun-learning, interactive and educational exhibits for kids and families, and discover the happy quotient of a vacation for the children!

Zipline Brewing Co.

Grab the best pint at the renowned microbrewery that produces the city's finest craft beer and enjoy it sip by sip.