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Vacation Inspiration - Exploring the Torch Lake, Michigan

Swarali Jambhale Jun 7, 2019
The deepest, the longest and the second largest inland lake in Michigan, Torch Lake, has no cool secret to its name! Just some Native Americans once used torches there at night to attract fish...so the name.
Torch Lake, tucked in the northwest lower of the state, offers a perfect island vacation in a lake's budget!
The Torch Lake, often compared with the Caribbean Sea for its blue water and glassiness, reflects red sunsets in the west and fresh pink sunrises in the east.

This beautiful inherent of Lake Michigan hosts striking tourist attractions and adventures!

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The popularity of the lake has upsurged as some notables like Kid Rock, Eminem, and Michael Moore loved Torch Lake so much that they developed their second homes on the lake!

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Sandbars here are legendary!

All Summer Long” - Kid Rock’s biggest career hit has a line “splashing through the sandbar” which is reportedly a reference to the Torch Lake!

The shallow sandbars at the south end of the lake have now become a party hub for partyers!
Credits to the lake’s blue clay bottom and the unusually clear water for producing extraordinary color variations ranging from emerald green to blazing gold to a chasmic turquoise!
From marinas, boat rentals to outdoor activities like camping, water activities like swimming and jet-skiing, to casinos, to golfing and SHOPPING, what more do you need on your vacation’s to-do list?

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Locals say “The lake can pick up in five minutes and have big waves, or be as flat as glass”.

So, to experience all its moods, finding an abode near the lake is not a task. The mile-wide lake offers a town lifestyle adorned with restaurants, shops and recreational outfitters!
Stretched over 19 miles and spread ginormously over more than 18000 acres, Torch Lake is that cornerstone in the magnificent 75-miles Chain of Lakes, Michigan is proud of!