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Vacation Spots in Arkansas

Parashar Joshi Sep 26, 2019
The state of Arkansas in the US with its geographic diversity, natural beauty, and a variety of flora and fauna, is a traveler's delight. Its scenic landscape and rich history makes it a perfect spot for an outing.

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Fed up with the mundane nature of everyday life? Feel like taking a vacation and getting back to nature? Thankfully, you don't need to look too far. The southern state of Arkansas, with its unmatched natural scenic beauty, totally lives up to its tag-line of 'The Natural State'.
Fantastic climate, lush green mountains, picturesque lakes and rivers, coupled with an endless choice of exciting indoor and outdoor activities, make this state an ideal vacation spot for weekend road trips, spring breaks, summer breaks, family vacations, romantic getaways and much more. Here are some of the popular vacation spots from this beautiful state.

State Parks

Arkansas has a 52 state parks, including a few history parks which offer a wide variety of recreation and adventure options for vacationers. Adventure freaks can indulge in nature trails, wildlife parks, mountain biking, rock climbing, hang gliding, etc.
Caving enthusiasts can make good use of the wide choice of guided tours and tour caverns available. Those inclined towards history can enjoy a stroll through the history parks and museums, where they can visit the Civil War battlefields, glance through war memorabilia, and learn about the diverse culture and history of the state.

Crater of Diamonds

This state is home to the world's only public diamond mine ― Crater of Diamonds. Although it is a century-old mine, the Crater of Diamonds Park was made open to public only in 1972.
One of the unique attractions of the park is the Diamond Discovery Center. It is the only place in the world where visitors are actually allowed to dig for diamonds on payment of a small fee. The park also offers many other recreational activities for visitors in the form of a camping ground, a water park and a picnic area.

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Clinton Presidential Center and Park

Located on the banks of the Arkansas River in downtown Little Rock, the Clinton Presidential Center and Park is home to one of the largest presidential library in the United States.
It houses a well-maintained museum that showcases a wide variety of memorabilia from the Clinton regime which includes documents, photographs, artifacts, etc. The park also features a replica of the Clinton-era Oval Office, which is a major hit among tourists and visitors.

Lake Tours

Blessed with a large number of pristine lakes and rivers, Arkansas is a water baby's delight. Lake Chicot State Park and Lake Ouachita State Park are the most famous lake tour parks among visitors.

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In addition, there are a variety of lake resorts and river resorts, all of which offer a wide range of activities such as river rafting, kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing, and snorkeling.
Families can enjoy a day out on the water with float trips, boat rides, fishing trips, spa visits and much more. The warm and natural spring water ensures that a visit to the spa is a completely relaxing and soothing experience.
Art enthusiasts won't be disappointed since it has a lot to offer in the form of art centers, museums, galleries, and theaters. A holiday in Arkansas is never complete without a visit to its vintage wineries, breweries, and its unusual-themed restaurants.
Swanky malls, designer boutiques, flea markets, and tiny antique stores are a temptation for shopaholics to loosen their purse strings. A wide array of hotels, bed and breakfasts, lakeside cottages and rental cabins, ensure that accommodation is never a worry for tourists.
The 'Natural State' truly offers some of the best vacation spots for an enriching holiday experience.