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Vacation Spots in Maine That are Perfect for Every Vacationer

Priya Johnson Sep 19, 2019
Maine happens to lure myriads of tourists every year. This enchanted land is studded with glorious mountains, lakes, skiing-destinations, etc. Maine is a land loved by artists for its picturesque landscapes, and by adventure lovers for the umpteen recreational opportunities available.

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Maine is a state in the New England region of northeastern United States, that takes great pride in its designation, 'Vacationland'. Maine's verdant beauty, picturesque landscapes, sandy beaches, steep and rocky shoreline, lush green forests, and the umpteen things to see and do makes it one of the most luring vacation spots in the world.

Popular Spots in Maine

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Downeast & Acadia

This spot in Maine, with its verdant beauty, draws myriads of artists, artisans, and photographers, who love capturing the beauty on canvas or films. This is why this region of Maine is embedded with lots of art galleries and studios. This region is also characterized by the crashing surfs, secluded coves, blueberry barrens, and authentic fishing villages.
Villages imbibed with America's heritage like the historic districts of Eastport and Cherryfield are great places to visit. To learn about Maine's native Americans, you can visit the Abbe Museum in Bar Harbor.
You can even visit St. Croix Island International Historic Site and canoe the International Heritage Waterway.
You should not miss taking the 1 minute ride on the fastest elevator in Maine, which will take you to the tallest public bridge observatory in the world, Penobscot Narrows Observatory. This observatory provides mesmerizing views of the Penobscot river and the surrounding countryside at a height of 420 feet. One can have a 360 degree view of the region.
There is lots of scope for wonderful outdoor adventures like hiking, trekking, camping, fishing, canoeing, whale watching, sailing, rock climbing, etc., at Acadia.
The Acadia National Park, Somes Sound, and Schoodic National Scenic Byway are also wonderful places to visit. During the months of May to October, park rangers are seen giving guided cruises, talks, walks, and slide shows on various interesting topics.


Aroostook county, the largest county in Maine is graced with great western wilderness occupying almost two-thirds of it. This county is nick named 'The crown of Maine' because of the breathtaking view it offers.
It caters to adventurous campers and canoers. Endless fields of potato blossoms, glorious wooden trails for hiking, snow skiing, and snowmobiles during winter, and two thousand lakes with boats and exotic tropical fish are attractions of this place.
Moreover, the region also features rolling farmlands and welcoming cities and towns. The festivals and celebrations are worth being a part of!

The Maine Highlands

The Maine Highlands are yet another breathtaking destination in Maine, providing a large platter of stunning tapestries of mountains, valleys, rivers, hills, and lakes.
The region between the city of Bangor to the North Maine Woods offers exciting array of vacation possibilities
This region is one of the best family vacation spots in Maine due to the presence of the largest children's museum (north of Boston). This Boston Children's Museum has served as a leader with the museum community. This museum helps children understand and appreciate the world in which they live.
These highlands abound in wildlife and outdoor recreational opportunities. One can encounter several organic farmers, artisans, and even sportsmen in this region. Traditional sporting camps, historic inns, back country snowshoeing, etc., await tourists here.

Kennebec & Moose River Valleys

This region offers an attractive platter of incomparable outdoor recreation opportunities such as hiking, canoeing, kayaking, hunting, fishing, white water rafting, biking, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling.
The various outdoor options makes this another spot that attracts families. This region is known widely for the abundance of maple trees thriving there and also happens to be the largest maple tree producer in the nation. Every year on Maple Sunday, local sugar camps invite visitors.
This region also features museums, forts, and historic homes. The Blaine House (Augusta), the State House (Augusta), Fort Halifax (Winslow), the L.C. Bates Museum (Hinkley), the Pittsfield Train Depot Museum (Waterville), etc., are some places to visit in this region.

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Maine's Lakes and Mountains

This region is a four season recreational tourist destination spot, featuring some of Maine's highest peaks and hundreds of glacial lakes. Lakes like Sebago, Flagstaff, and Rangeley are some of Maine's largest lakes.

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One can experience nature first hand by exploring either the White Mountain National Forest or one of the five state parks in the region.
The crystal waters jumping with brook trout are delightful to watch. Rangeley Lake is the centerpiece for 112 small ponds and lakes and houses water activities of all kinds. Lovely bridges, farm stands, art galleries, antique shops, etc., also adorn the region.
Besides the mentioned vacation spots, there are scores of other places that one can visit. The Mid-Coast and Greater Portland & Casco Bay of Maine are also worth visiting. Maine is a land filled with adventure and all kinds of flora-fauna. You need to visit Maine to understand how unfathomable the beauty of this place is. Happy Holiday!