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Virginia Beach Attractions for Couples

Sailee Kale Oct 1, 2019
Virginia Beach holds a number of attractions for couples planning a vacation or a simple weekend getaway.
If you and your partner want to get away for that perfect time together, there's no better place than Virginia Beach. With an impressive beach, numerous wineries, scenic drives, and a long list of hotels and restaurants to choose from, this resort city will play the perfect host for you and your loved one.

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The most populous city in the state of Virginia, this city has found its way in to the record books and holds the distinction of the world's longest pleasure beach, with a 35-mile shoreline.

Outdoor Recreation

What better way to spend time with your partner than visiting the beach? Enjoy a lazy day out on the sandy shores or go for a swim in the ocean. Do not forget to take a walk down the world-famous Virginia Beach oceanfront boardwalk. Or you can rent a bike and ride down the dedicated biking path.
Nowhere will you find such an eclectic mix of visitors, live music and street shows, and beautiful outdoor cafes serving excellent food. The annual East Coast Surfing Championships are held in Virginia Beach every year. So get out your surfing gear and go hit the water! If you have an adventurous streak, rent a WaveRunner, hop on, and ride the waves.

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Another beautiful beach is the Sandbridge, a much quieter and secluded spot than its more famous counterpart. Perfect for couples seeking a romantic hideout, it's the place to be.
Relax and unwind among the sparkling white sand dunes, or both of you can enjoy fishing and hiking in the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Sandbridge has vacation rental homes and you can rent a quaint seaside retreat for a peaceful time together.

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False Cape State Park is also a beautiful, unspoilt work of nature located in Virginia Beach. The park cannot be accessed by car; you can walk down, take a bike or use the tram provided by the park specially for visitors.
Visitors enjoy hiking in the area. You can put up a camp at night, but only after prior reservation. Truly meant for nature lovers, this park is filled with sandy beaches bordered by pine forests.
Take a sea kayak trip and sail out into the ocean to catch a glimpse of bottle-nosed dolphins. Have the time of your life by interacting with these lovable sea animals. If you happen to be visiting in winter, be on the lookout for humpback whales making their annual migration down south.
Parasailing is another amazing activity you can enjoy here. Revel in the aerial view of Virginia Beach and you might not feel like touching the ground again!
The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier is another exciting place to visit if both of you love fishing. Get your poles and see if you get lucky enough to catch your lunch as well as dinner!


Virginia Beach offers a fun and exotic nightlife to its visitors. So if you and your partner love dancing, swaying gently to the music, a karaoke night, or just sipping cocktails, head to any of the great clubs the city has.
One of the most popular among tourists is Cave. Located across the oceanfront, Cave not only offers great music but also delicious, traditional food to its patrons. It's easy on the pocket and the dress code is casual. Peabody's Nightclub is another hot favorite with the young crowd.

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Situated right next to the beach, this club provides a heady mix of drinks and dance to its customers, and people can be seen dancing the night away and having a fantastic time.
If you are looking forward for a night filled with laughter, visit the Funny Bone Comedy Clubs. Laugh your worries away with the excellent comedy shows this club offers, and you will spend an evening you are not likely to forget anytime soon.


Virginia Beach's local cuisine is an innate part of its culture. With a tempting array of locally grown agricultural produce and freshly caught seafood, you and your beloved can take your senses on a culinary adventure and still be craving for more.
Make the most of your stay by indulging in local favorites like Lynnhaven oyster, she-crab Soup, and soft-shell blue crabs. The most famous restaurants to dine in are the Sand Dollar just enjoy your meals with live music and a breathtaking view of the Atlantic, Rudee's on the Inlet for its lavish variety of seafood dishes, and Il Giardino for Italian fare.
There are so many tourist spots to hang out at and interesting things to do in Virginia Beach with family and kids, or just the two of you! For this reason, Virginia Beach is the favored tourist hot spot on the east coast. Plan a surprise vacation for him/her and see how this friendly city extends her Southern charm to all visitors and draws them in.