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Visiting the Beautiful Saipan Island!

Swarali Jambhale Sep 4, 2019
Probably the most beautiful place in America is still an unexplored territory! The most populated island of the Northern Mariana Islands has a lot to delve into...have a look!

Banzai Cliff

You have to see this! The 600-foot cliff has witnessed thousands of suicides during the Battle of Saipan!

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Grotto Dive Site

This dive site boasts of being awarded as the 2nd best diving spot on Earth by Dive Magazine!

Forbidden Island

A famous pit stop for hikers and adventurers! The hidden Forbidden cave has a small cold tide pool, if you want to have a dip!

Suicide Cliff

This beautiful cliff was an escape to the heaven for the Japanese soldiers and civilians when the Americans captured Saipan!

Last Japanese Command Post

At this Japanese military's last stronghold, you can still see the bullet holes and some canons of those times!

Bird Island

It's an incredible spot for nature lovers, don’t miss out on this!

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Mount Tapochau

Hike to the highest point of Saipan and sink into the 360 degree view of the island!

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Kalabera Cave

Once a recreation club, then a prison and now a tourist hub, Kalabera caves is a must-visit!

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Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant

Spend a pleasant evening and gorge on the top-class Italian food here!

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Garapan Street Market

Stroll on the Garapan Street Market on a Thursday!
Saipan, the commonwealth of US, has its tourism as one of the biggest drivers of its economy! So, the tourists are very well taken care of! Given the size of the island, renting a car would be just on budget...because Saipan too has the US currency, the dollar!